Serge Belamant’s Professional Contributions and Achievements

Serge Belamant is a French native born in the city of Tulle. He is renowned for his with a savvy mind in the blockchain technology. He later relocated to South Africa at the age of 14. This was to his father’s pursuit in the tiling business. Serge Belamant enrolled to study at Johannesburg Witwatersrand University in the computer sciences and technology field.

In his career journey, he has acquired immense expertise while serving various companies. He has earned a reputation for his unmatched skill and passion for building software in a coding digital financial transaction. He has also created multiple technological accomplishments. This has resulted in a massive financial banking systems worldwide.

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In 1989, Serge Belamant founded his first company, Neti UEPS technologies. This firm was aimed at generating electronic payment systems or UEPS at a universal level. He built these system designs himself. He was responsible for designing a chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA. He worked with his team to develop a digital payment system to aid in the transfer of welfare grants and finances across South Africa.

He is the current co-founder of Zilch Technologies based in the UK. In addition, he works at Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions as well as Prism Groups Holdings. He has owed the success of his business ideas to his son, Philip who is an IT engineer expert. Philip launched a firm that creates mobile games. He enabled his father to realize how influential social media can be in offering financial products, especially to the youth. This would require the use of their mobile phones in solving their financial situations.

Serge Belamant has accrued his wealth by simply designing useful products for people. He first discovers a need to be met, whether it is known or unknown to the people. This contributes to the overall financial success. He also believes that the desire to create something is also crucial at the start of a business venture. During his time spent at the firm, he has learned to trust his instincts and experience. Moreover, he believes in word of mouth as a great marketing strategy.



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