JetSmarter Founder and CEO, Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter digital platform in 2012. JetSmarter is an app that provides accessibility for the private air industry globally. The app is taking the lead in changing how people fly. It connects thousands of clients and private air businesses around the world by offering access to the very best private flyers around the world. JetSmarter partners rely on the company to market their inventory and customers trust that they will get the best deals in private jet bookings. JetSmarter employs total transparency and convenience in online bookings.

Sergey Petrossov’s background

Sergey Petrossov is an excellent leader at JetSmarter, and his influence motivates the company team to be at their best. Petrossov, a Russian native from Florida, has an extensive background in IT. He studied Bachelor of Science in Business Administrations, Finance at the University of Florida. As a fresh graduate in 2009, Sergey Petrossov was already working on his startup company Federal System of Distance Education that offers otherwise challenging to attain learning solutions to students in Russia.

The idea to start JetSmarter struck him on his first trip on a private jet. Petrossov remarked on his surprised realization that private jet booking systems were very analog. Sergey Petrossov saw an opportunity to introduce a digital platform that would be easily accessible and convenient to clients and owners of private air transportation services, and in 2013, Petrossov launched JetSmarter.

Since he anticipated that JetSmarter would require a considerable capital investment, Sergey Petrossov and his chief technological officer decided first to start small with their available funding and launch it as a digital data platform. He went on a search for investors and pocketed high profile ones like Jay-Z and the Saudi Arabian royalty.

Today JetSmarter, under Petrossov’s leadership has grown to become the go-to platform for clients and private air couriers all over the world, with thousands of people remarking on how the platform has made a revolution on how people travel in the air. Sergey is a young entrepreneur, an inspiring mentor and a true visionary who is leading JetSmarter into unchartered waters that will revolutionize the private air industry.

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