Article Title: Drone Technology Is The Future

Article Text:

To Richard Liu and his extensive strategic team, innovative engineering represents the future of Chinese businesses.

Before Richard Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong Multimedia, China’s retail industry was limited to offline consumer experiences, that lacked the modern flair of contemporary innovation. revitalized the local industry and redefined what was physically possible with the proper leadership.

What makes delivery system unique is undoubtedly that it is catered to providing superior quality to not only city-dwelling consumers but those that are located rurally.

Richard Liu designed his transportation system to reflect various challenges encountered with delivery to rural areas. With the acquired data, Richard Liu modified his business logistics to improve net efficiency in those areas. Made possible, by incorporating advanced drone technologies to utilize faster transportation capabilities, without over exhausting operational costs.

By 2014, the distribution campaign proved to remain a success and regarded favorably within the top Chinese market.

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