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Accelerating Beyond the Human Mind

An AI Accelerator program by promises to spur the growth of artificial intelligence worldwide. Jingdong’s AI investment is not only a gift to society, but you can expect the retailer to also use the solutions that come. These technologies will be possible with the funding offers.

Qualifying startups, after first competing in the new program, receive money for their work. The world needs them to mold ideas, to invest in artificial intelligence and to reveal our potentials for technology. “Demo day,” as set for the month of March, 2019 by, will test each idea. Those that qualify go to the next stage for funding, and every industry is covered.

From science, to medicine and finance, the solutions only need to be effective. Speech recognition is an example of how already uses AI. Jingdong now sets higher standards and waits to see who the winners are from its accelerator program.

A Better Look at

Sixty-billion-dollars in yearly revenue is enough to innovate on any idea with. What earns—positions it to expand beyond online retail. Its sights are on a global market, for the 300-million consumers it has are now mostly Chinese. Jingdong developed from the hands of CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong, and he guides JD with care.

The internet allowed him to capture JD’s current market share. Using  simple app to display, organize and sell goods makes the transactions of Jingdong easy. Its work, to boost what artificial intelligence can do, is expected to increase consumer spending. The ease of AI promises new ways for customer service to be done and for growing JD’s online presence.

Why the Acceleration Program, and Why Now?

There’s a strategic advantage in developing AI today. Jingdong is now meeting shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Amazon and Google. These agencies use AI in every facet. Capturing a larger market share requires to expand on what artificial intelligence can do.

Jingdong now embraces AI as it follows the trends of major-U.S. brands.

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