Agera Energy Gets Power Back with Mark Linzenbold

Electricity and natural gas supply are serious items on everyone’s budget list. Usually, we do not pay enough attention to this even though it’s a major cost. In the wide range of services offered by companies that deal with energy distribution, Agera Energy also has its place. Follow Agera Energy on

How Do We Choose A Proper Energy Supplier?

Many options we can see on the market are sometimes terribly confusing.


Being well-informed is indeed of great importance if we want to make the right decision.


Unlike other companies, Agera Energy offers you guidance through their services.


This energy company has energetic management with great ideas that ensure you make the right decisions. With the help from their advisers, you can choose the right energy package which will be personalized for your needs, and yet financially acceptable.


Standing Out From The Competition

The energy is a large expense for most of us. But we cannot avoid paying electricity or natural gas in our everyday life routine. For this particular reason, some energy companies are trying to make a different approach to their consumers. Some of them make their consumers much easier to handle, and some of them make some crucial mistakes, and lose customers.


Agera Energy services stand out from the competition. The main reason is that the company doesn’t look at its customers just as a pay-the-rate person. They are nurturing their customers and treat them respectful and responsible. That’s why this company stands out in the first place.


They are noticed for their energy supplies, efficiency, and audit services. They do not use the invasive measures but nurtures their customers in a way of providing a high-quality and balanced service.

A New Player In The Team

The management of Agera Energy is constantly developing new energy sector products and they are full of good ideas. They were recently reinforcing the staff so they could achieve even better progress and have more satisfied consumers.


Last year their team was reinforced by the arrival of Mark Linzenbold, a former Vice President of Direct Energy. Mark is positioned as the Chief Financial Officer at Agera Energy and his experience will be exceptional in his new working environment. Read more about Agera Energy at

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