Cassio Audi -A leader in the Brazilian Financial World

Cassio Audi is the present CFO of the well-known Brazilian investment company Peninsula Participacoes. Before becoming the CFO of the company, he was a musician and worked in many capacities in leading Brazilian companies.

Cassio Audi attended Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated in Business Administration. He later earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo. He started work as a stock and fixed income analyst at the Management Desk of Assets at J.P Morgan Chase. He later worked at many major companies including Dow Chemical and Gillette, Brookfield Asset Management and Rossi Commercial Properties.


Cassio Audi is a leader in the Brazilian financial world. He is also an accomplished musician. He founded a Brazilian All Boys Rock Band called Viper. It was Brazil’s first heavy metal band. Many of the band’s songs were written by Audi. He recorded the last album with the band in 1989.

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