Gareth Henry An Expert In International Investment Relations

Gareth Henry is a well Known Businessman and a professional actuary who plays a vital role in the investment sector. Gareth Henry was born and brought up in London where he studied his primary and high school education. He later joined the University of Edinburgh which is found in Scotland where he pursued bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics, that was in the year 1997. He graduated from the University 2001, and he started working after that.

Gareth Henry started working in a company in the UK known as Watson Wyatt where he was employed as the analyst of the company’s research management team. He later moved to Global Investment Management Services and worked there until 2004 where he took a transfer to SEI Investments. At SEI, Gareth was employed as the investment manager of the company, and some of his roles included managing consultants, insurers and pension funds of the firm He worked for investment firm for one year and later moved to Shroders as the Director of the company.

After working for Shroders, Gareth Henry took a transfer to Fortress Investment Group which is based in the United, and this made Henry move from the UK to the US. He was working at Fortress as the managing director of firm as well as the head of International Investor Relations.He made a significant contribution to the company as he raised the company’s hedge funds, real estate holdings, private equity, and its private credit.

While working at Fortress Group, Gareth Henry got a chance of interacting with other great companies in other continents like Asia and Europe. He then got a promotion and worked as the Global Head of Investor Relations.With this position, he used to manage over $ 4 billion hedge funds manager. Today Gareth works at Angelo, Gordon & Co as the Global Head of Investor Relations. He also has a partnership with the company.

Gareth Henry has a scholarship Foundation which sponsors some students studying at the University of Heriot, one of his Alma matter. He also mentors and guides young entrepreneurs regularly.

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