Jason Hope-Lover Of Technology And A Philanthropist

Jason Hope is one of the highly successful business persons in the field of technology. He has been working in this field for the past two decades, a period in which he has brought significant contributions to businesses. The holder of MBA from Arizona State University has been working with businesses helping them to identify technological trends that are likely to affect the businesses in coming years. The ability of a business to know what will happen in the future is an advantage since it will align its goals with the possibilities of the future. Jason Hope loves technology and has played a significant role in its development. He can predict what will happen in the future by looking at their current trends. For instance, he’s one of the people who predicted the coming of the internet of things technology.

The internet of things is based on the ability of devices to connect to the internet by themselves. Through this connection, these devices can communicate with each other and with human users. What it is means is that we are moving into an era where machines will be performing tasks by themselves. According to Jason Hope, we are just experiencing the beginning phase of this technology since a lot more is yet to take place. In the coming years, we are going to experience smart cities where everything will be done through the application of advanced technologies.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist who has played a significant role in the ongoing research on rejuvenation technologies. He’s one of the people who are hopeful that in the future there shall be an anti-aging drug that will help human beings cure the causes of old age diseases. As human beings get old, their bodies become weak and therefore susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer among others.

To aid in the attainment of the goal of an anti-aging drug, Jason Hope has donated $500000 to an organization known as SENS Research Foundation which is currently in the process of creating an anti-aging drug. He believes in this organization that they will deliver on the mandate ahead of them.

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