Rebel Wilson’s Valentine Gift to All Her Fans

Rebel Wilson has preserved her new romantic comedy, “Isn’t It Romantic?” for her fans as a valentine gift for 2019. This will be a special edition of a romantic comedy with a plus girl as the lead. In most romantic comedies, the plus girl is always a friendly or sassy friend.

Rebel Wilson and her producer spend days with no end watching other comedies and researching to see they produced something different. It is interesting to note that this will be the first movie Wilson will have produced in her career. The trailer of the movie has left the audience curious and excited. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

“Isn’t it Romantic?” is a movie where Wilson acts as Natalie. Natalie is an architect who works very hard to get noticed in her work place. However, she keeps being assigned tasks such as picking coffee. She also believes that all the romantic comedies are fantasies.

It is, therefore, a nightmare for her when she encounters a robber, hits her head and wakes up in a romantic comedy. Her house is a big mansion with everything she has ever wished for, and everything is perfect. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

Natalie tries to find ways to get out of the romantic comedy the whole movie. In the process, she falls in love with a stranger, Blake (Liam Hemsworth). Her best friend, Josh (Adam DeVine also gets involves with a yoga ambassador (Priyanka Chopra). “Isn’t it Romantic?” is rated PG 13 so all nudity and cursing words are auto-censored.

Rebel Wilson has a done a great job in encouraging women to go for what they want in their career. She has broken all odds to get her space as the queen of comedy.

As much as Wilson’s talent and hard work come before being a plus size girl, we can’t ignore how well she handles being size 18. As many women spend days sad and frustrated by their weight, Wilson has made it her greatest asset. She is even rumored to have intentionally added some weight to land some roles in her life. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

The other lesson women can derive from Rebel Wilson is her love life. Wilson does not let anyone other than her control her happiness. She has had her shares of bad relationships and is currently single at 38. Is she worried? No. Wilson says that if she ever meets someone who suits her, she will be glad. However, if she never gets one, she will still be the happy soul we have always known her to be.

One of Wilson’s worries is seeing young talented women get hitched or get children too early and miss the chance to explore their talents. She encourages women to value their dreams and have the fun of success.

Lastly, Wilson has started her cloth line saying that she wants her fans to be Rebel in their way. This means following what they believe in and want to pursue even when all the odds are against their success. She wants them to unleash their potential and be unicorns.

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