Ted Bauman: PayPal Is A Lucrative Opportunity

Ted Bauman holds the position of the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He oversees the editing of The Bauman and Plan B as well as the Alpha Stock Alert. Ted majors in asset financing and protection, privatization and low-risk investment strategies. In addition to that Ted authors the Sovereign Investor Daily for the daily newsletter.

In 2008, Mr. Ted Bauman was the International Housing Programs’ Director before proceeding to serve as Smart Money Alert’s editor. At one point he was dedicated solely to researching and writing.

Works by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was a guest speaker at the recent Total Wealth Symposium held in Las Vegas. The Bauman Letter produced once a month addresses strategies of wealth management, investment matters, and legal matters. Over time the subscribers’ numbers have grown to more than 10,000. He is known for using a uniquely practical approach in his publications that the audience can relate to.

Ted Bauman recently became Smart Money’s guest writer. The publication focuses on Exchange Traded Funds funding. He also contributes to Alpha Stock Alert, which is a weekly publication that provides insight into profits and how to improve them. Unlike other analysts who review the economy by employing us of the limited view, Ted Bauman examines the economy from a holistic angle.

PayPal and Investment

According to Bauman, stakeholders can take advantage in the development in cashing system and termed PayPal as a very lucrative opportunity to invest in. PayPal has grown from being used only to make eBay payments to be a worldwide enterprise that can be used for both personal and independent transactions. An estimate of over 244 million people makes use of PayPal globally. In addition to being a giant in the online payment platform, PayPal launched Venmo, which is an online payment application. It is used to transfer money between users.

Ted urged stockholders to purchase stock in PayPal as their stocks skyrocketed by more than 20 percent since May when the company hit a low point. He points out that turnover for the stock will be witnessed due to the holiday shopping.

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