Arjun Kapur Brings Many Years Of Experience To His Role Leading Gobuyside

In the modern business world, talent is hugely important. Talented people can provide the kind of important vision necessary to bring any company’s vision to fruition. One person who understands this well is the founder of Gobuyside. Arjun Kapur brings an impressive resume to his role as the company’s owner. Kapur earned a Phi Beta Kappa key at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where he graduated with a degree in economics. In this capacity, he begin to think about what he could do and how to start  own business. In the process, he’s brought GoBuyside to life. He also earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from highly prestigious Stanford University. As a result, be brings unique perspective to the world of business and how it can have a global impact and reach. He’s been able to bring GoBuyside to to life and show what can be done to find the kind of global talent that he represents.

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While he was working in the storied field of finance, he began to notice that was an increase of companies that were looking for talent. He also began to notice that the hiring process was opaque and that the people looking for a job were not always being given a clear path even when it obvious that their talents were in demand in places across the globe. This is when it hit him that there had to be another way, a better and clearer way that could make it easier for both parties to connect with each other in the global equity field. It was at that point that he began to think about the company that would ultimately become Gobuyside and become a company where each member in the process could connect with each other much more effectively.

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