NGP VAN, the Campaign Game Changer.

Up until January 2011, NGP VAN was formerly known as Voter Action Network. Since its formation in 2001, it has had its headquarters and base of operations in Washington DC. The main benefactors and enlistees of the services NGP Van provides include the American Democratic Party, non-profit organizations with the authorization of the Democratic Party and Democratic campaigns.


What does the NGP VAN have to offer to these groups?

NGP VAN is famous and famous for its voter database and the web hosting services it provides for campaigns.


Some of the aspects NGP caters for include:


  • i. Fundraising


  • ii. Finance compliance of the attacks


  • iii. Digital organizing services


  • iv. Field organization.


These campaigns are not limited to a political one but also include social campaigns.

Campaign Phone Services is one of the aspects that NGP Van seeks to specialize in. They offer phone tools that will help you to reach the voters.


On top of enlisting the services of NGP VAN to help with your fundraising, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the fundraising tactics you will apply in conjunction with NGP VAN. Fundraising is one of the core activities for a campaign to be successful.


Funds help the candidate reach his voters to voice his ideas, plans or manifesto. For you to successfully raise funds, you need to employ the following:


  1. Set the fundraising target

You will need to define the budget that you will need to win your election.


  1. Define Fundraising Tactics

For each tactic that you lay out to raise funds, you need to determine what you will spend on them and establish an estimate for their economic output. Examples include calling, direct mail and telemarketing.


iii. Establish a Fundraising Calendar

Once you have the tactics down, you need to schedule when to employ them and define deadlines for meeting your fundraising goals.


  1. Ascertaining your fundraising network

Your fundraising network mainly involves your donors. They will include both your professional and personal contacts.


  1. Establish a Fundraising or finance committee

The finance committee you will most likely be from your network. They are the ones who will be donors, act as links to potential donors, and engage in fundraising tactics like hosting events.


NGP Van fundraising plan, however, does not stop there but extends to the execution of the fundraising tactics and events.

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