Gareth Henry Is A Prominent Businessman With A Background In Mathematics

Gareth Henry went to Heriot-Watt to earn a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and he even graduated with honors. Today, Gareth is a member of various different organizations, including the Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries. Once Gareth completed his college education, he went on to become an analyst for Wason Wyatt. Gareth enjoyed this position in London, but he ended up taking up another position at SEI Investments as an investment manager to continue building his experience. Schroders signed Gareth Henry on to the team as the director of strategic solutions for two years, by which time Gareth found another opportunity at Fortress Investment Group.

For more than six years, Gareth worked at Fortress Investment Group as a head of international investment relations, which had him working out of London for the duration of his time at Fortress. Gareth’s impact at Fortress Investment is still seen today since he developed a new strategy for the companies sales that can be seen throughout much of their portfolio. By 2014, Gareth took up a place in Fortress Investments’ Liquid Markets as part of the Investor Solutions department. In this position, Gareth not only oversaw the sales and marketing aspects, but he also managed clients and their services.

By 2016, Gareth Henry joined up with Angelo, Gordon and Co after they sought him out for his ability to always deliver on his clients needs. With Gareth’s relationships around the globe, Gareth would be able to help the company move forward with their international relations, helping investors better work throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Angelo, Gordon and Co has been around for three decades and is well-known today for their excellent returns throughout many different markets. Lawrence Schloss, the company president, chose Gareth Henry specifically for the job because he understood the value behind Gareth’s knowledge on the international side of investing and his ability to work with all clients successfully.

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