Democrats Should Not Underestimate Betsy DeVos

It would be an enormous mistake to underestimate Betsy DeVos say those who know her best. Those figures would be the people who saw her move up the ranks in Grand Rapids as a major Republican donor and fundraiser and also a major donor to public works projects in the city as well. They say that while she may be part of the Trump Administration right now and seems very much as if she is just a simple part of the team, that is not really the case. They point to the idea that she is actually someone who has a lot of political clout and will to get done the things that she believes in.


DeVos is not afraid to push back against the Administration that she is a part of. When the President issued an executive order that reversed a previous executive order by President Obama to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, DeVos was against it. She has resisted the move within the Administration, and she even met with LGBT leaders beforehand to let them know that this is the policy that was going to be coming their way. That being said, she still stood with the President as he announced the policy, and she made comments about how putting the policy in place to begin with was not something that she feels that the Obama Administration should have done.


As you can see from this alone, she is not an easy person to figure out. She has many layers to her that can make it difficult to know if you should love or hate her. Most people who get to know her long enough find some side of her that they really like.


Betsy has the added advantage of being a billionaire. This certain helped her to push things along in Grand Rapids that she believed in. It wasn’t just her money though, there was also the fact that she has a lot of political clout in general to move along agenda items that she feels deserve consideration. You can try to stand in her way if you want to, but she is most likely going to win the argument.


There are a lot of good things that a person could say about Betsy DeVos even if they are not a big fan of her politics. They should at least be able to admire the fact that she would do what she did to alert the LGBT community that this policy was coming down. That alone shows that she does not simply go along with whatever the Trump Administration says. She has her own views and agenda and definitely takes those kinds of things into account.


All in all, you can say that Betsy DeVos is going to be a formative figure who may help advance her own agenda and that of the Administration, but she is not going to do so without being able to put her own two cents into the conversation.


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