Southridge Capital LLC: A Team of Experienced Financial Experts

Southridge Capital LLC is a Connecticut-based company that specializes in a large variety of financial guidance services and other business-oriented services such as financing. Companies can utilize their services to receive evaluations of their current financial situations, gain a guidance figure for upcoming equity deals, or even learn how to take their current business model and turn it into a public entity.


Southridge Capital LLC has been around for about twenty years and has helped more than two hundred and fifty companies acquire financing. They aid in the bankruptcy process and they also help companies avoid it. They handle a company’s balance-sheets in an effective manner. They also finance companies and develop highly-structured finance plans. Another service provided by Southridge Capital is guidance during mergers and acquisitions affairs. Stephen M. Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital LLC and runs a management staff of highly-trained and detail-oriented employees. Stephen and his management team work diligently and reliably to provide a large list of services to their clients. The company is constantly trying to move forward and grow.


Southridge Capital has invested almost two billion dollars into new and growing companies and take their job seriously. With over twenty years of experience, Southridge Capital LLC brings a large amount of priceless knowledge to the table for companies seeking it’s help. The Southridge Capital LLC company only employees five people. This relatively small amount of extremely knowledgeable team members allows the company to focus less on internal affairs and more on it’s clients. The extra attention that clients receive helps set Southridge Capital LLC apart from other financial firms because they can spend more time developing structured financial plans for their clients. ¬†Check out scribd for more



According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital LLC upholds a strong moral code. They do not hide information and have all of their information open to the public. Possible clients are first background checked and Southridge pays their due diligence by heavily researching any company that they plan to work with. The company will only take on clients that have a clean background and a respectable history. As one final note, Southridge Capital LLC is known to work with companies that help the world and it’s populace.


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