Jim Toner – Author, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jim Toner represents the true American dream. The best-selling author, entrepreneur and real estate mogul shares his ideas through articles on his Medium page. The following report summarizes two articles from his Medium page worth reading.

Meet Jim Toner: From Rags to Richness

Mr. Toner introduces himself and explains his life story on how he became a real estate tycoon. He describes not fitting in in high school and not having any interest in his classmates’ more conventional career interests, like becoming a doctor or lawyer. He realized that his calling was entrepreneurship and a life of hard but satisfying work.

In the article he explains that even though he made his fortune in real estate, he does not call himself an expert and cautions his readers of anyone else who does. The reason for this is because real estate is a constantly changing field and there will always be new things to learn.

5 Real Tactics to Make More Money That are Used By the Pros

Here Jim describes tactics used by professional entrepreneurs to make more money. These tactics are as follows:

1) Know your tax exposure – never pay more than legally required. This is so essential that he recommends hiring tax professionals for your team because the initial cost is worth it in the long run.

2) Raise Prices – You can always find someone willing to pay a premium price for a premium service.

3) Outsource – Many new entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to do it all. Any work that can be outsourced should be outsourced.

4) Have more baskets – Diversify your income streams so when a primary source dries up you have backups.

5) Become more attractive – Not just looks. But in how much people want to do business with you.

The above two articles are just a sampling of the plethora of quality work by Jim Toner on his Medium page. Mr. Toner shares how he became an entrepreneur and offers some advice on success by tapping into his personal experience in the field. These articles are definitely worthwhile reads for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, real estate, or making more money. Check out Jim Toners Wealth Builders Insider secrets e-book here.

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