Investors are Seeing Huge Profits Through Freedom Checks

Thousands of Americans can take advantage of a new investment strategy thanks to the recent tax cut plan that was passed by Congress in December of 2017. The points out several people who are already benefiting from this investment in an article titled “How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks.” For example, one investor in Missouri will receive a check for $24,075. Another investor in Oklahoma will receive a check for $66,570, and a third investor in Colorado will receive a check for $160,923. Freedom Checks are the latest investment that many see as having huge potential.

Freedom Checks were introduced by financial expert and geologist Matt Badiali. Master Limited Partnerships are publicly traded businesses that are typically involved in the production, processing, and transportation of natural resources. These companies can operate as tax-free entities only if they distribute 90 percent of their revenue to their stakeholders. This is where Freedom Checks come in. An investor purchases shares in an MLP and in return, a distribution check is mailed to the investor. The investor can also have their distribution funds directly deposited in their bank account. Anybody can become a stakeholder regardless of income or assets. Read this article at

Many MLP companies are involved in the oil and gas industries. These companies are in an excellent position to see massive profits in the coming years for two reasons. First, there is an increase in domestic U.S. oil and gas production and less reliance on foreign oil. Second, domestic oil and gas companies are increasing their production through fracking. Matt Badiali expects Freedom Checks investors to receive $34.6 billion in distributions in 2018. These investments are not taxed until the investor decides to sell their shares. Shares that are sold are taxed at the capital gains rate, which is lower than the standard income tax rate.



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