How Chris Burch Overhauled an Island

If you’re wondering where you should take your next great vacation, consider Sumba Island. Think surf, sand, and everything fine you can imagine all on a remote island. This is where billionaire Chris Burch re-invented the way a vacation should be taken. He took relaxation to a new level with his overhaul, making it an island paradise beyond compare. Some refer to this island as a “cult surf destination”. What you may not know is that this fashion mogul turned it into a five-star resort. The name of the island is Nihiwatu, or “Nihi” which means “mortar stone”, check

Located in Indonesia, the island was attractive to Burch. He wanted to do something different, and had been considering delving into the business of resorts. Attracted by the raw, natural beauty of the island, Burch was ready to ask for assistance from a famous hotelier and disrupt his typical entrepreneurial path. The plan was set in stone, to attract the adventure seeking elitist. The one remote island is now considered the best resort in the world. As the island is now buzzing with visitors on a consistent basis, Burch has now made a name for himself as having re-created the hotel into the #1 hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine two years consecutively.

Twice the size of Bali, what was once called “Sandalwood Island”, is now home to some of the most beautiful fixtures and just a short flight from Bali. Those who are seeking the finest in leisure around the world will appreciate all that Nihiwatu has to offer. With a population of under 605,000, the island is appreciative of the jobs and revenue that the resort has attracted. The island has always been last on the list for Indonesians, mainly because it lacked natural resources.

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