Making Investment Decisions Based On Facts

Being able to be guaranteed your future financial stability is proportional to the amount of investment that you are in today. Investment does range from buying and the selling of shares across the major markets. The analysis of which stocks to be bought and sold is a decision one has to make by him/herself. To make such decisions is dependent on the amount of information one has to gather. Various sources can provide the information necessary to help you make such decisions. They include opinions of the trends in the market, information from Reuters and other sources.

Igor Cornelsen is an investor from Brazil. Born in fourth of October in 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil he then went on to join Federal University of Panama for engineering. The only institution then that was providing engineering courses in two states of Parana and Santa Catarina. Economics become a better deal for Igor who had to change from engineering to it two years late. Cornelsen did graduate in 1970.

Alter successively qualifying he joined Investment bank for his first job. Igor Cornelsen was considered for his position due to the unique ability to calculate compound interest when calculators were not common as well as computers by sliding rules. Igor left Investment bank for Multibanco, joining the board of directors and two years late became the chief executive officer in 1976. Inflation did explode that forced Igor to move to Libra bank public limited company affiliated with the London merchant bank.

Igor Cornelsen from his vast experiences as an investment banker helped him to manager fund at the stock.

When markets open up in Europe, Igor is up to analyses them to be able to have an idea of what is to be traded for profits he mainly does prefer information from Reuters which gives him non-biased information that is unlike other people’s opinions that are biased

Igor does prefer to analyse various market trends and that he can determine which shares are going down and rising depending on the government policies that could mean disaster is imminent and some going up which the means that the shares will appreciate since the economies are strong.

Being able to make a decision not based on people’s opinions has enabled Igor to be unique in what he does.

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