Chris Burch, Leading Niwahitu to World Greatness

Mr. Chris Burch was born and raised in Pennsylvania. The celebrated Entrepreneur wasn’t the academic giant. What he lacked in grades, however, he made up for in creativity that led to the establishment of his company, Eagle Eye. His early entrepreneurial endeavors were pure instinct courage and creativity. The young Chris Burch was a spring of great ideas, but it was only later that he realized a talent resided within him. The investor has over four decades of experience up his sleeve, and he hopes to get better with age. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, private investment company, has used his impressive entrepreneurial skills to create nature and support genius ideas bringing most of them to life. Mr. Chris Burch is the proud participant of the uprising and establishment of more than fifty companies.

He stated Burch Creative Capital in an attempt to help other entrepreneurs with great ideas. The company is continually pairing great ideas with the right funding to bring about significant possibilities in the world. His grasp goes beyond the obvious to include financing retail to hospitality and organic foods. Mr. Burch’s real estate investments span different countries and partnerships with respected people in society. His most exceptional ability, he believes, is reading the needs of every person he encounters.

In 2015, the business guru and fashion mogul made a world-class surfing destination and five-star hotel out of a remote island of Sumba. The resort is a product of his ambition and the genius of his friend and hotelier James McBride. Mr. Burch discovered Nihi with all its attractive features in 2012. The land that has seen very little of the external influence together with natives that stick to their first past was a chance too good to pass. Visitors were mainly interested in the surfing waves and got refreshed from a single resort, Nihiwatu (

Nihiwatu beach runs for 2.5 kilometers and takes the beautiful shape of half a moon. The coast is also characterized by two reefs that have served as protection from severe storms. The story of Nihiwatu began in 1988 when Claude and Petra Graves landed on the island of Sumba in their quest for the perfect waves. They decided to set up a resort that would support other travelers with similar agendas while maintaining its mystery. When the graves were in need of an expansion, Mr. Burch swept in to get it covered.

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