Malcolm CasSelle Stores Online Asset Value With Wax Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the blockchain and virtual online gaming assets with the creation of WAX tokens that stores online asset value and creates opportunities for immediate and accurate transfers of gaming and other various forms of virtual asset transfers. Malcolm CasSelle serves as CEO and President of World Asset Exchange (WAX) and provides the needed strategic and foundational technological insight needed to guide the company’s infrastructure and software platforms to streamline the process of transferring gaming and other virtual assets over the blockchain. By providing a standardized value with the WAX tokens, the World Asset Exchange is providing opportunities for gaming and regular virtual asset transfers to be standardized with technology that eliminates the problems with Forex. Virtual assets can be transferred in various ways over geographical and continental regions without a lot of red tape regulations. However, by transferring assets to centralized banking institution platforms there are various regulations and guidelines that prevent quick resolute deliveries of value over geographical borders.

With the establishment of the cryptocurrency blockchain technology, the value is transferred over geographical boundaries quickly and easily with little regulations. This empowers individuals to trade, buy, sell and transfer assets in a decentralized fashion. WAX tokens continue to advance and deliver valuable opportunities for individuals and gamers too stabilized value and transfer, buy, and sell over the WAX platforms and deliver extremely easy accurate and timely delivery of asset value. Malcolm CasSelle also serves as Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins a high-profile gaming technology company that has pioneered some of the well-respected and significant technological advancements in the world an online asset transfer.


The development of WAX tokens allows assets to be transferred over geographical boundaries and eliminate Forex problems that can arise with the different currency value fluctuations. WAX tokens provide consistent values that can be transferred real time to individuals within the gaming arena are over the blockchain through cryptocurrency assets. Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the blockchain and virtual online gaming assets with the new technologies and advancements created at WAX and OPSkins that consistently stores online asset value and creates opportunities for fair and safe transfers of value instantaneously.


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