Eric Lefkofsky a Powerful Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky a powerful entrepreneur and businessman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus an operating system with a technology platform to help the Health Care System, in the United States and abroad. The purpose of the Company is to gather information and data to target genes or mutations in each patient with cancer or any other disease.

The Lefkofsky Foundation has a purpose and it is to enhance the lives of people, with Education, Human Rights, Medical, Arts, and Culture.

Tempus has partnered with different cancer clinics, the recent one is the University of Pennsylvania’s Ambramson Cancer Center. Mr. Lefkofsky is generous and he certainly knows the problem of the health system; he is working to build something new to transform the lives of people, using new technology, to treat patients differently.

We are living a different era and with his technology, Eric Lefkofsky is contributing to the Medical System and doctors to improve and control diseases effectively. Consequently, when a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer, the whole family suffers; the treatments are painful, the cost and the uncertainty of knowing what is going to happen are unbearable. Therefore, his search to gather molecular data is so important.

There are different types of Cancer, and not all are treated the same. You have to know the patient’s health information and what type of drugs are they using. Tempus is searching for a new method to finding out more data at a molecular level.

The prevention is necessary, but the research and the library of data will recognize any mutation in each person, and the treatments will be more successful. The idea is to have molecular sequencing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to treat and manage the disease.

This is a new approach to treat each patient. Therefore, having the sufficient data to diagnose and medicate patients with the correct doses of Radiation or Chemotherapy,or any other drug, the battle to cancer or any other disease will be easier.

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