For CEO Of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello And His Wife, Cynthia, Giving Back To The City Of Houston With Philanthropic Contributions Is An Important Part Of Their Life

Before Tony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries, he worked in the legal profession. During that time, Tony Petrello practiced international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law. Since 1986, Petrello had been a managing partner at Baker & McKenzie’s law firm in New York, as per Nabors. However, Petrello accepted a position on Nabors’ board of directors in 1991. Petrello eventually succeeded Eugene Isenberg in October 2011 at Nabors. Petrello added the title of chairman of the board in 2012. Nabors Industries is in the oil and gas drilling business and is considered to have the world’s largest fleet of land-based rigs for drilling.

For President, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, the ability to give back to the people and the city of Houston with philanthropic contributions and general goodwill is an important part of their life.

In 2006, Tony Petrello, who was a graduate of Yale University in 1976, made a pledge to contribute $150,000 to create an endowment for a yearly prize there. Petrello remarked that this endowment was in honor of a great mathematician and teacher at Yale, Serge Lang. Petrello was a student of Lang’s and was really good friends with him. Petrello and Lang both started at Yale when Petrello was in his freshman year at Yale, in 1972. Lang had just made the move from Columbia University the year that Tony Petrello arrived there. Tony Petrello’s received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Yale University. He also received a Juris Doctor from Harvard University.

Anthony Petrello and wife, Cynthia are also big fans of Tommy Tune and New York’s Broadway scene. Cynthia Petrello was once a model and actress who worked in New York. Cynthia Petrello was also a big fan of Broadway talent and star, Tommy Tune. Tune, who was once a resident of Houston, Texas, attended Lamar High School. In 2018, he was welcomed back to his home state of Texas, by Tony Petrello and Cynthia Petrello.

The Petrellos hosted a 50 guest, cocktail party for Tommy Tune at the Petrello estate in Houston in January 2018. Tommy Tune was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. Tommy Tune went to college in Jacksonville, Texas and also in Austin, Texas. Tommy Tune took performance lessons in Texas under the tutelage of Patsy Swayze, before heading to Broadway. Tommy Tune has won 10 Tony Awards.

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