The Sussex Healthcare Network Is Looking For Caregivers

Sussex Healthcare is now hiring caregivers to their network in several locations across England. Sussex is offering jobs to eligible applicants. Some locations even have night shifts available. The homes like to provide the best care for their residents. Caregivers but give the highest quality of care and be observant to the care of the residents. On top of being able to work with residents and their families, caregivers must always get along with the other staff members. If caregivers decide to work on a bank holiday, they get paid double their original salary. Some other benefits include mentoring programs, pension options, in-house training, paid breaks, and many other benefits. They even have specialty areas for experienced caregivers.

In January of 2018, Amanda Morgan-Taylor had been appointed the new CEO. She has over 30 years’ experience, she is very respected and already making so many changes. She knows how the providers and councils work since she has been in that field of work before. Before she started her position as the CEO, she learned everything she needed to about the company first. This has helped her be successful at her position. She started her career as a mental health nurse, she has been a managing director, quality development director, and a service manager.

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Sussex has 23 locations across England, but the main facility is in Horsham. Horsham just recently opened a new gym available to all Sussex residents, as long as they are fully mobile. The gym will provide the needs of the elderly. The gym staff is trained and qualified to help in different areas. They begin with exercises and stretches to get warmed up. During the actual work out, the trainers make sure the elderly patients do not lift too much weight. If any resident is having joint problems, they can take a swim in the pool. They also have a hot tub for the people with sore muscles after workouts.

The caregivers in the homes work with elderly, mental health, dementia, terminal illness, among many other areas. They are dedicated to providing safe and comfortable conditions. All the homes provide activities for the residents, including handcrafts, music and movement, cooking, and art therapy. Mealtimes are also an important time during the day for the residents. The Sussex homes provide good quality food, cook by well-trained chefs. They create wholesome meals that are prepared beautifully.

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