Bruno Fagali: The Defender Of Integrity

     Businesses have to find creative ways of attracting customers to their business. The more customers a business has, the more the profits. To increase their profits, businesses tend to use advertising to attract clients.

Due to the competitive nature of businesses, advertisements are manipulated to reflect false information about the business or the product.

False advertising is unethical because it misleads the customer to purchase the product hoping to gain the advertised benefits, but they end up spending money and not getting those benefits.

The customer becomes an innocent victim of false advertising if the product does not deliver value as the seller purports. This could cause harm to the consumer. A customer needs to know how the product will affect his or her health.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned lawyer and founder of the Fagali Advocacy. He is an expert on administrative law, business ethics, compliance, urban law and regulatory law. His firm provides counsel to corporations on integrity and how they should engage in ethical business.

Bruno is also the corporate integrity manager at Nova/sb. This firm is a Brazilian advertising agency that prides itself on being the first agency to have a corporate ethics division.

Under the leadership of Bruno Fagali, the firm has created global campaigns for the World Health Organization. It is also the first firm in Brazil to create a pop-up agency.

Nova/sb is a success because of their adherence to their code of conduct. The firm has made it mandatory to develop a strategy before commencing a campaign for their clients.

This creates popularity for their client’s product and enhances the company’s corporate image. The code also dictates ethical advertising to boost customer confidence in the product they are promoting.

Nova/sb, being a leader in the advertisement industry, wins several government contracts. Fagali ensures that he does not cut corners to get the contracts.

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