OSI Group: From Meat Locker To International Foodservice Provider

The foodservice industry is more than just the production of foods. This industry is composed of multiple sectors whether it’s in the office, or it’s in the field. OSI Group has demonstrated foodservice excellence in a number of ways. This wholesale-food provider is one of the biggest privately owned companies in America, and it is worth billions. In 2011, OSI Group earned just over $3 billion, and it was ranked by Forbes at the 136th position. By 2016, the company had moved-up the list to the 58th position as it generated more than $6 billion. OSI Group’s quest started from humble beginnings back in the early 1900s, but as of today, it is a confident foodservice enterprise.

Business acquisitions are very important to any company that’s seeking growth. In most cases, a company has to acquire stake in other companies that share the same perspective. By doing so, a company can expand on its interests in a more efficient way. OSI Group epitomizes the term acquisition because it has completed its fair share of acquisitions over the past few years. In 2016, OSI acquired stake in the private-Dutch company BAHO Food. This specific foodservice provider has a huge presence in Europe, especially in Germany and in the Netherlands. It produces a wide range of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods. David G. McDonald, president of OSI Group, stated that “this merger has broadened the company’s presence in Europe.” BAHO Food’s portfolio matches that of OSI’s and this combination will be able to better serve its customers on a grand scale.

OSI Group has also acquired a 200,000 square-foot facility in Chicago that was owned by the prominent Tyson Food Plant. This particular acquisition cost an estimated $7.4 million. As you can see, OSI is always looking to improve on its services. Progressive thinking like this is why it has grown at such an astounding rate and that speaks volumes.

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Sujit Choudhry Reveals Why Democracy Is on the Decline

Recently, Release Fact, an independent online news publication, published an article featuring international scholar Sujit Choudhry and his take on the current political climate. The article focuses on Sujit Choudhry, his renowned reputation as a constitutional law expert and his analysis of the current state of politics and how it is leading to the decline of democracy.

In the piece, several topics are covered, including Sujit Choudhry’s most recent publication, a chapter in the newly released book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? focusing on a tweet by Eric Holder. The Eric Holder tweet is in regards to President Donald Trump potentially firing White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller and how that would be crossing a huge line. From there through its conclusion, the article examines how actions such as the firing of Mueller are the result of the continued disintegration of democracy that can be traced back to the Cold War.

Choudhry is a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Oxford, the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School. He clerked for the Supreme Court of Canada’s Antonio Lamer. Choudhry has previously held faculty positions at the University of Toronto and New York University. Currently, he is a high-ranking faculty member at the University of California – Berkeley School of Law.

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In addition to his impressive academic record, Sujit Choudhry has made a name for himself as a political and constitutional law expert, see law.nyu.edu. Professor Choudhry has engaged in in-depth research on constitutional law as well as wide-ranging fieldwork, including assisting with constitution building processes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Ukraine, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Libya and South Africa. Sujit Choudhry has lectured or spoken in approximately 30 countries(constitutionaltransitions.org). In addition, he has multiple published articles, special journal issues, book chapters, working papers, reports and books based on a wide array of political and legal subjects to his credit.

Jed McCaleb Opens Up About His Successful Entrepreneurial Career

Stellar co-founder and CTO Jed McCaleb recently sat down with Ideamensch for an interview where he discussed his business career. Jed has a passionate belief in the importance of leveraging technology as a way to reduce inefficiency. Doing this is a great strategy to improve the human condition. When asked about where the idea of Stellar came from, Jed opens up that his interest in Bitcoin led him to the idea behind Stellar. He looked at the developments around Bitcoin and realized what it was. Bitcoin is a distributed database and Jed knew that he could make use of the underlying idea of Bitcoin to transform the world.

Jed is then asked about what his typical day consists of. His response is that he has always run small teams where there is a balance between management and the technical development. He states that he has two different types of work. One type where he is focused and one type where he is reactive. Jed likes to build and code when he is in his focus state of mind and he likes to do things like responding to emails and requests when he is in his reactive work mode.

Jed also comments on a recent trend that excites him. He states that he is excited by the developments in artificial intelligence. He points out that the technology is still in its infancy and has massive room to grow. He believes that within the next 20 years, AI will be able to solve a large number of problems that humanity faces.

Jed McCaleb also reflects on a major habit of his that makes him a productive entrepreneur. He reveals that he spends a lot of his time thinking about strategies. Jed emphasizes that being productive is actually counterproductive if you are working towards the wrong goals.

Jed also reveals that he makes sure not to focus on niche things. He believes it is only slightly more difficult to focus on goals that have a global impact. Throughout his business career, he has always focused on creating great products that fill the needs that people have.

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José Auriemo Works at JHSF

José Auriemo has had a successful career in various industries. When he was young, he did not have a clear direction for his life. José Auriemo Neto grew up in a poor area of Brazil. He had to work hard just to attend school. He quickly decided that he wanted to go to college and have a successful career.

During his career, He has made several wise business decisions. He is currently the chairman of JHSF. JHSF is one of the largest companies in Brazil. He firmly believes that the company can become even more successful with the right management. He takes a unique approach to management that has been hugely successful so far.

Early Life

Unlike many prominent business leaders, José Auriemo did not grow up in a prosperous family. Instead, he had to work hard for everything that he has. He was passionate about improving his career once he started working. He asked various business mentors for their advice on multiple subjects. He genuinely wanted to learn the basics of running and managing a business.

After several years of working after college, José Auriemo took an opportunity at JHSF. Taking a job at JHSF was the best career decision he has ever made. His career rapidly advanced at the company. Not only did he increase sales and profits, but he also reduced turnover during his time there.


Several years ago, José Auriemo became CEO at JHSF. When he took over, there were multiple areas that he had to change. He decided to increase the worker compensation in a variety of departments. He did not want to lose his best workers to other companies in the industry. José Auriemo also started to enact various financial changes at the company. These changes were designed to reduce debt and increase profits over time. After stepping down as CEO, he decided to stay on as chairman at JHSF and to know more

Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing A Leading Investment Advisor

Are you trying to find the right investment firm for your needs? Want to choose a highly reputable and experienced financial planner or wealth building expert? Richard Dwayne Blair is a great choice for any investor who wants the best quality advice or guidance.

Choosing lucrative investment opportunities is an important step and is crucial for your success. There are many professionals and firms that offer investment advisory services but you need to find someone who is well known for meeting their clients’ needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of investing and wealth building and can help you manage your money and secure your future. His firm, Wealth Solutions, has been providing excellent services to clients. Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions provides the resources and services that enable people to start investing wisely.

Today’s investment markets require investors to be highly knowledgeable and be able to make smart, rational financial decisions. You need to have access to top notch investment and financial advice and well-developed financial plan. It is important that you have a reliable financial advisor by your side.

Good financial or investment advice can make a huge difference in your financial future, and that’s why it’s imperative to choose the right advisor.

Richard Dwayne Blair endeavors to provide clients with the services and guidance they need to make the right investment decision. He starts by having a good understanding of his clients’ financial status and their expectations, especially when it comes to things like retirement planning.

Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to explain things in a way that even beginners will understand. He simplifies the investment process, and strives to ensure that his clients understand what works and what doesn’t.

Richard Dwayne Blair is reputable and reliable and many people turn to him for expert assistance. As an experienced financial advisor and wealth building expert, Richard Dwayne Blair has the top resources and skills to help you save money, plan for retirement and investment wisely. Contact him to find out more about the services he provides.


Ronald Fowlkes Gives Law Enforcement Motivation to Keep Working Hard

Law enforcement officers don’t always have the help they need. In fact, they often struggle to get the options that help them perform better in different situations. Part of the hard work they put into different things allows them the chance to do things the right way. It also gives them the opportunity to show people how things will get better. No matter what Ronald Fowlkes does, he knows helping people with the opportunities they have will always allow him the chance to do things better. It will also help him make the right choices in the business he’s a part of.


While Ronald Fowlkes knows there are things he has to do that can help people through different things, he plans to always show people there are opportunities they can use. For Ronald Fowlkes, the point of the business is making products people can enjoy. He knows what people need and isn’t afraid to give it to them. He also knows what it takes to show others how things will get better. For Ronald Fowlkes, the business continues getting better as a direct result of his dedication to the success he can see in the business.


Ronald Fowlkes has always been dedicated. He knows a lot about business but also knows a lot about law enforcement. He was a law enforcement officer before he started his own company. He spent time learning about the different opportunities and things people could take advantage of as a result of the things he did while working in the position. No matter how hard Ronald Fowlkes worked, he felt confident he didn’t have the right tools. He also knew other officers who didn’t have the right tools. He wanted them to see there were things they could do that would allow them to grow in their position while also feeling secure.


The hero attitude Ronald Fowlkes has comes from the experience he has. Before he worked in law enforcement, he was a military member. He knew there were things he had to do in the military and always did them. While in the military, he learned about dedication. He learned that loyalty and motivation were important while also trying to give people everything that would help them in their own lives. It was his idea to give back to the community. It was part of what allowed him to later grow his company.


Eric Lefkofsky a Powerful Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky a powerful entrepreneur and businessman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus an operating system with a technology platform to help the Health Care System, in the United States and abroad. The purpose of the Company is to gather information and data to target genes or mutations in each patient with cancer or any other disease.

The Lefkofsky Foundation has a purpose and it is to enhance the lives of people, with Education, Human Rights, Medical, Arts, and Culture.

Tempus has partnered with different cancer clinics, the recent one is the University of Pennsylvania’s Ambramson Cancer Center. Mr. Lefkofsky is generous and he certainly knows the problem of the health system; he is working to build something new to transform the lives of people, using new technology, to treat patients differently.

We are living a different era and with his technology, Eric Lefkofsky is contributing to the Medical System and doctors to improve and control diseases effectively. Consequently, when a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer, the whole family suffers; the treatments are painful, the cost and the uncertainty of knowing what is going to happen are unbearable. Therefore, his search to gather molecular data is so important.

There are different types of Cancer, and not all are treated the same. You have to know the patient’s health information and what type of drugs are they using. Tempus is searching for a new method to finding out more data at a molecular level.

The prevention is necessary, but the research and the library of data will recognize any mutation in each person, and the treatments will be more successful. The idea is to have molecular sequencing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to treat and manage the disease.

This is a new approach to treat each patient. Therefore, having the sufficient data to diagnose and medicate patients with the correct doses of Radiation or Chemotherapy,or any other drug, the battle to cancer or any other disease will be easier.

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Adam Milstein Says Jewish-Americans Must Be Aware Of Growing Antisemitism

It’s often said by the mainstream media that Islam is a religion of peace, yet when looking at the acts it’s committed among its radical groups, it’s one of today’s largest perpetrators of antisemitism. Adam Milstein writes with the Times of Israel that it’s becoming widespread among progressive liberal groups especially on college campuses. Some of these groups have prevented Jewish-Americans from joining their student government boards while also joining with groups like BDS in attempting to boycott Israel. Adam Milstein talks about the creativity and ability of the Israelis to strategize in both battle and in their media publications, and he believes radical Islam will have to be defeated using those tools. Milstein is also an author at the Jerusalem Post and has even been named as a highly influential figure in that newspaper.

When Adam Milstein was young, he lived with his family in Haifa, Israel and fought in the Yom Kippur War. His loyalties to Israel have remained deep throughout his life even after he came to the US with his family. Milstein is a cofounder and Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, one of the largest real estate development firms in Los Angeles with billions of dollars in property assets in three different states. But his biggest passion is to unite the Jewish-American community in the fight against antisemitic forces and to celebrate the pride and history of Israel’s existence.

Adam Milstein is the head of the Milstein Family Foundation, the Israeli-American Council and is a board executive on AIPAC. The events he has coordinated include national conferences, festivals, video competitions, and other local activities. There are three areas that he focuses on with his work in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. For every organization Milstein supports, he’s made a commitment not only financially but also by being physically involved on the ground. A key publishing company supported by the Milstein Family Foundation is Sifriyat Pijama B’America which puts the Hebrew language into stories for children. Doing this has helped many Jewish-Americans discover their identity and have a deeper understanding of the homeland.


For CEO Of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello And His Wife, Cynthia, Giving Back To The City Of Houston With Philanthropic Contributions Is An Important Part Of Their Life

Before Tony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries, he worked in the legal profession. During that time, Tony Petrello practiced international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law. Since 1986, Petrello had been a managing partner at Baker & McKenzie’s law firm in New York, as per Nabors. However, Petrello accepted a position on Nabors’ board of directors in 1991. Petrello eventually succeeded Eugene Isenberg in October 2011 at Nabors. Petrello added the title of chairman of the board in 2012. Nabors Industries is in the oil and gas drilling business and is considered to have the world’s largest fleet of land-based rigs for drilling.

For President, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, the ability to give back to the people and the city of Houston with philanthropic contributions and general goodwill is an important part of their life.

In 2006, Tony Petrello, who was a graduate of Yale University in 1976, made a pledge to contribute $150,000 to create an endowment for a yearly prize there. Petrello remarked that this endowment was in honor of a great mathematician and teacher at Yale, Serge Lang. Petrello was a student of Lang’s and was really good friends with him. Petrello and Lang both started at Yale when Petrello was in his freshman year at Yale, in 1972. Lang had just made the move from Columbia University the year that Tony Petrello arrived there. Tony Petrello’s received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Yale University. He also received a Juris Doctor from Harvard University.

Anthony Petrello and wife, Cynthia are also big fans of Tommy Tune and New York’s Broadway scene. Cynthia Petrello was once a model and actress who worked in New York. Cynthia Petrello was also a big fan of Broadway talent and star, Tommy Tune. Tune, who was once a resident of Houston, Texas, attended Lamar High School. In 2018, he was welcomed back to his home state of Texas, by Tony Petrello and Cynthia Petrello.

The Petrellos hosted a 50 guest, cocktail party for Tommy Tune at the Petrello estate in Houston in January 2018. Tommy Tune was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. Tommy Tune went to college in Jacksonville, Texas and also in Austin, Texas. Tommy Tune took performance lessons in Texas under the tutelage of Patsy Swayze, before heading to Broadway. Tommy Tune has won 10 Tony Awards.

Finding Investors for a Startup

There are many startups today and every entrepreneur has ideas as to how to raise capital for their ground-breaking ideas, but in a place which is the #1 place for startups in the world, finding an angel investor is the first practice recommended (medium.com)

The differences between a venture capitalist and an angel investor are three; while a venture capitalist is harder to convince they have more capital to invest. Secondly, the angel investor wants to invest in profitable ventures and are more easy to convince. Three, Venture Capitalist won’t start an investment with less than $1 Million, while angel investors will begin investing with a smaller amount and go up to $1 Million.

First, when approaching either the venture capitalist or the angel investor keeps things simple. Follow the tried and true seven-second rule. These investors are busy people so keeping things to a minimum and intrigue them. If they want to know more and you have piqued their interest they will ask.

Secondly, be professional in your presentation, but steer clear of persons who are interjecting their own ideas into your presentation. In other words, always go with people who are interested in your project and not those who want to change the direction you are going. You’ll never be wrong in believing in what you have to offer.

Three, be willing to admit you don’t know something if stumped by a question one of your investors asks. Investors are savvy people and understand the difference between someone who is willing to remain focused and professional despite not knowing and someone who is just making things up to flatter.

Fourth, keep away from buzzwords that your new found investor may not be aware; the industry is constantly changing its language to speak about technology, but there is no need to impose on your investor fancy jargon to impress them you know how to impress. Rather, stay on firm ground by giving your investor an honest presentation filled with the vocabulary both of you can relate.

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