Chris Burch and Nihiwatu Resort

In 2012, Chris Bunch with James McBride, a hotelier bought a hostel at the beach of Sumba, an Indonesian island. The two used up to $30 million to modernize the hostel. In 2015, they then transformed it into a five-star resort and opened it as Nihiwatu. In 2016, Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel ( According to Bunch, he specifically bought the hotel for his children and as a way of benefiting the community. The hotel includes 27 confidential villas with pitch pools as well as Bunch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka is also offered to clients. Nihiwatu is found on Sumba’s west coast, a distant Indonesian island. The name NihiwaTu simply means mortar stone.

Currently, Nihiwatu is the biggest local company and employer on the island. Moreover, a portion of the profits of the hotel is offered to Sumba Foundation, an institution that supports projects that benefit the local community. From the hotel’s plunge pools, a guest is able to view the India Ocean as well as the Nihi Beach. Moreover, the hotel also includes a big outdoor -indoor entertainment area. In addition to this, the hotel features the traditional antiques from the Sumba community. The hotel also has a beach spa but guests can also receive the services from the comfort of their rooms. Furthermore, the hotel also offers group yoga sessions every day through its wellness center. During a low season, one-bedroom villas go for $750 per night. Also, Bunch’s private house go for $14,000 per night during high season.

Christopher Bunch is a CEO and founder of Bunch Creative Capital. He is also an entrepreneur as well as an active investor in a broad range of sectors for almost 40 years. He has been involved in the development of several luxury and technology brands including Voss Water, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe (  Previously, he was a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Mr. Bunch went to Ithaca College and it is at this point that he started his entrepreneurial success. Together with his brother, they launched Eagle’s Eye apparel that cost them $2,000 and grew up to $165 million.  Check They later sold the business to Swire Group. Mr. Bunch is one of the pioneers to invest in Internet Capital Group, IPO, and a famous internet space story. He recently acquired and refurbished Nihiwatu, a luxury hotel in Sumba, one of the beaches on the Indonesian island.

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