American Institute of Architects: The Pioneer Organization in Architect Licensing

     The American Institute of Architects promoted Robert Ivy (AIA) as the Vice President and CEO in 2011. The Institute was established in 1857 and is considered the top organization of its kind. Robert is highly respected in the industry and has received numerous awards including the Crane Award. He has held the position of Editor in Chief of Architectural Record for nearly 22 years. In his new role, Robert Ivy will work from the headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he will manage over 200 employees with a $56 million yearly budget. Mr. Ivy has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the South and a Masters’s in Architecture from Tulane University. He has been a Fellow at AIA college since 1993.

The AIA was founded by 13 architects who wanted to establish respect and professionalism to the industry. Prior to AIA, anyone could pose as an architect because there were no schools, regulation or licensing of the profession in the United States. The AIA was originally called the New York Society of Architects. By the 1880’s, AIA chapters had spread to major cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Boston and Baltimore. By 2008, there were over 300 chapters and over 90,000 members. All of the top professionals in the field are members of the organization.

Robert Ivy strives to improve the company through public outreach, education and advocacy. He frequently speaks to audiences about the importance of architecture in our lives. He explains that things that we may take for granted such as our homes, place of work and stores would not exist without architecture. He has written numerous publications and biographies to include Fay Jones: Architect. He is responsible for streamlining the organization and shifting to a digital first technology infrastructure. Robert is also focused on preparing a new generation of architects to address major issues such as climate change and the impact of architecture on public health. He aims to make AIA more influential, proactive and responsive to the ever changing environment. Robert feels the organization has tremendous growth potential and he is proud that he has been able to add to its legacy.

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