Making Things Happen with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar finished Speech Communications at Syracuse University. He primarily got employed with Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 and left the company in 1999. The next job he found was with the Legacy Financial Group. He was an essential part in the expansion and growth of the Legacy branch office in Maryland, which gained the capability to have a loan volume of more than a couple of hundred million yearly.

After he left Legacy Corporation in 2005, Charter Funding – a sector of Magnus Financial Corporation hired him as the company’s Senior Vice President.

After being employed with various companies, Todd Lubar engaged himself in business, although he did not concentrate on mortgage banking alone since he involved himself in a wide array of businesses such as the nightclub industry, the demolition industry, the recycling business, and the real estate developing business.

However, at present he is engrossed in his role as the President of his own company, TDL Ventures. Lubar explained in his interview that he started his business with the main objective of helping people have their loans approved. He would like to help by removing the obstacle that prevents loan applications from being approved and released.

He also clarified that in order to make money in his business he goes after what he sees as the projects that would give him profit. His experience in finance and mortgage assisted him in making any kind of venture profitable. He also explained that his businesses did not earn profit immediately – it took him a couple of years in business to gain financial freedom. Check out

The success he is currently amassing he says is largely due to the fact that he knows what is going on at every level of his business. This provides him an idea on how to make appropriate decisions based on the information he is able to gather. For more details visit Inspirery.

The most difficult decision Todd always makes is when he has to decide on whether to go on a business trip or to spend quality time with his family. He rationalizes that even if people are busy with their professional lives they must find a way to have time for other things which are equally essential. Check out their website

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