Lime Crime Takes On Chinese Market

Launching Lime Crime in China was almost an impossible task. China’s not so vegan friendly regulations around wholesale of cosmetics, created some hurdles that Lime Crime had to uniquely develop ways around. Lime Crime teamed up with LA based cosmetic company called Revolve to create separation from any and all counterfeit “Lime Crime” selling out of China. Revolve gave Lime Crime legitimacy and a platform for users to explore the brand. Revolve is an e-commerce fashion platform that, at the time, was venturing into cosmetics. This venture proved to be very helpful for the new brand Lime Crime cosmetics. According to the article from WARC, breaking into the Chinese market is not an easy task.

But Lime Crime managed to get a foot in the door and is making headway. Lime Crime is known for there lip plush that offer an assortment of colors that are matte and long lasting which was attracting the interest of counterfeiters claiming to be selling the Lime Crime brand. Which is why the partnership with Revolve was such an important step for Lime Crime because it helped them create a safe place where their consumers knew where to locate the correct products, non animal cruelty products. Revolve also created a platform for continued advertisement.

Granted, Lime Crime was not completely depended on Revolve for its success, just a platform to help get it’s footing which it achieved. Lime Crime is looking to be the new, fresh, worldly conscious brand coming out of China. Lime Crime is still on the up and up but looks to be great views for it’s future.

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