Glen Wakeman Invests In Business Startups Through LaunchPad Holdings

A mentor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an investor, these are just some of the few titles that Glen Wakeman boasts of. His innovative skills have contributed to his tag as one of the leading CEO’s in America. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the serving, chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings. In his eminent guidance, the company has been able to emerge successful in most dealings. In fact, Glen Wakeman’s input has been instrumental to the point of earning LaunchPad Holdings a leading title in the fastest, privately-owned firms in the country.


LaunchPad Holdings


Glen’s company specializes in the generation of mergers and acquisitions, innovative performance strategies in addition to offering guidance to new companies. Since 2015 when LaunchPad Holdings was introduced to the market, Glen Wakeman has been on the forefront of offering unmatched, revolutionary services in business.


Glen’s experience


Before joining LaunchPad Holdings, Glen had held executive, leadership positions in different organizations. At Nova Flour, he was the head cheerleader. In matters of education, he attended two universities.


Glen’s Education


He attended the Scranton and Chicago Universities. Glen was a dedicated student. That is why his academic credentials played a pivotal role in ensuring that he lands the top leadership layers in business. For over two decades, he garnered vast experience that contributed to his passion in developing innovative skills in business and emerging enterprises. Glen focuses on emerging markets, fiscal matters, management, administration and angel financing.


The conclusion


Aside from his contribution to business management and mentorship programs, Glen Wakeman prides himself on being a dedicated philanthropist. He has selflessly chosen to help the less fortunate in America. He utilizes his expertise to elevate the dedicated business prospects to become successful investors. Through LaunchPad LLC, Glen Wakeman has reached out to numerous startups. He believes that a strong, revolutionary, business platform is instrumental in growing other businesses. Even as a new institution in the industry, LaunchPad LLC has transformed the industry through its revolutionary skills. Glen is a true reflection of what a business is supposed to be in terms of leadership. He exudes confidence and intelligence as a leader.


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