George Soros’ Commitment to Ensuring the Success of the Open Societies Foundation

George Soros is appreciated across the world for his involvement in charity for the past four decades. He strives to improve the lives of the less fortunate people. The billionaire has given a significant percent of his wealth to facilitate charity undertakings, and therefore, he has been listed among the most generous people on earth. George Soros has made a lot of money from venturing into the hedge fund and currency speculation industries. He recently increased his involvement in charity undertakings by offering $18 billion to ensure that the Open Societies Foundation was stable for many more years. The philanthropist founded the organization, and he is its current chairperson. It is now listed as the second biggest philanthropy after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since the 1980s, the Open Societies Foundation has transformed the world in various ways. It has established divisions in 120 nations and works with multiple groups to improve the world.

Soros’ charity foundation has taken part in several philanthropic undertakings for the time that it has been active. In 2014, it was on the frontline in the battle against an Ebola outbreak. The organization facilitated the construction of cancer treatment centers. George Soros has been involved in transforming the U.S politics, and he is a Democratic Party supporter. The billionaire has funded the party’s activities and candidates for years. President Obama benefited from his donations during his re-election campaigns in 2012. He also gave millions of dollars to various PACs that participated in Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in 2016. Soros has received a lot of criticism from the Republicans. In the past, the Open Societies Foundation was interested in international charity undertakings, but it has shifted its focus to the United States. The Trump administration has been harsh on immigrants and other minority groups.

Soros is a Jew who was raised in Hungary during a time when the Nazi people oppressed his community. This background has inspired his participation in charity. He has always wanted to help people who are despised by others. George Soros left his motherland for the United Kingdom where he had an opportunity to join the London School of Economics. He later started his career on Wall Street and has been quite successful. The billionaire got $1.5 billion from a currency speculation deal in 1992. His wealth has made it easy for him to support democracy and human rights. The Open Societies Foundation started by establishing its first offices in Hungary.

The annual budget of the Open Societies Foundation is currently estimated to be between $800 million and $900 million. The recent donation that it received from its founder has offered it the ability to increase its activities. Soros is now 87 years old and wants to make sure that his foundation will be able to run its operations even when he will not be around. To date, the Open Societies Foundation has transformed the lives of millions of people from across the world. It acts as a voice for the people who cannot speak for themselves.

Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Genius and Leader

Any fanatic of a cold beer while watching a football match, or perhaps while at home or in a pub relaxing with friends may enjoy the fantastic chance to be the judge of worldwide entries come to the United States Open Beer Championship. Most loyalists who stick to their one favorite brand may come to a shocking day and realize that hundreds of styles exist nowadays in which we consume beer, and all of them will attend the 2017 edition of the competition in Ontario (WeeklyOpinion).

Over 6000 beers took place in the competition for prizes and recognition by a board of directors of 2017 U.S Beer Championship. Judges from around the world, Canada, England, and the U.S. brought their expertise to judge the beers. Judges’ accomplishments would be a career as a president in a brewery, a designated master brewer, or being an editor at an industry publication or having broad experience as a professor at the college, instructing in the art of brewing.


The International Scope


The competition is open to award-winning home brewers, and even professional brewers seeking bronze, silver or gold medals. Some of the leading categories are lagers and ales, barrel-aged beers, hybrids, unique and non-alcoholic brews. The art of beer brewing attracted Eli Gershkovitch‘s attention from a young point in his career.


Craving for a quench


Most people attain a degree in law and March forward in life with the satisfaction of success as attorneys. Eli Gershkovitch is not your ordinary person, as he never rests until he creates something higher than himself. His preferred style of beer makes him seem like the machine that helps the process work, instead of the grease (

Shortly after his graduation from Toronto law school, he started developing that passion in craft beer, in 1987 while on a European tour. After tasting a Belgian beer for the first time, he craved the ability to make a libation that would satisfy his passion for building something great.

Eli Gershkovitch, born 4th of July 1975, got his name to mainstream in Canada through his businesses, primarily as CEO of Steamworks brewery and Co. Additionally, he is a pilot and lawyer.



Glen Wakeman Invests In Business Startups Through LaunchPad Holdings

A mentor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an investor, these are just some of the few titles that Glen Wakeman boasts of. His innovative skills have contributed to his tag as one of the leading CEO’s in America. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the serving, chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings. In his eminent guidance, the company has been able to emerge successful in most dealings. In fact, Glen Wakeman’s input has been instrumental to the point of earning LaunchPad Holdings a leading title in the fastest, privately-owned firms in the country.


LaunchPad Holdings


Glen’s company specializes in the generation of mergers and acquisitions, innovative performance strategies in addition to offering guidance to new companies. Since 2015 when LaunchPad Holdings was introduced to the market, Glen Wakeman has been on the forefront of offering unmatched, revolutionary services in business.


Glen’s experience


Before joining LaunchPad Holdings, Glen had held executive, leadership positions in different organizations. At Nova Flour, he was the head cheerleader. In matters of education, he attended two universities.


Glen’s Education


He attended the Scranton and Chicago Universities. Glen was a dedicated student. That is why his academic credentials played a pivotal role in ensuring that he lands the top leadership layers in business. For over two decades, he garnered vast experience that contributed to his passion in developing innovative skills in business and emerging enterprises. Glen focuses on emerging markets, fiscal matters, management, administration and angel financing.


The conclusion


Aside from his contribution to business management and mentorship programs, Glen Wakeman prides himself on being a dedicated philanthropist. He has selflessly chosen to help the less fortunate in America. He utilizes his expertise to elevate the dedicated business prospects to become successful investors. Through LaunchPad LLC, Glen Wakeman has reached out to numerous startups. He believes that a strong, revolutionary, business platform is instrumental in growing other businesses. Even as a new institution in the industry, LaunchPad LLC has transformed the industry through its revolutionary skills. Glen is a true reflection of what a business is supposed to be in terms of leadership. He exudes confidence and intelligence as a leader.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s Strides in the World of Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman is the current Chief Executive Officer of Mariam Growth Health. When it comes to undertaking surgeries, finding new drugs and therapies, offering guidance to both medical students and surgical residents, lecturing to the students in the University of Illinois, creating awareness and teaching using articles, this successful doctor is on the forefront ( This gives you just a glimpse of the responsibilities that Dr. Mark has. However, this does not limit him from showing his support towards giving to the less fortunate. He is a consistent contributor to charities such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


Since 2011, Dr. Mark has worked as a full professor lecturing at the University of Illinois College of medicine. He also uses his skills as a doctor performing pediatric surgery at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the St. Francis Medical center. Before earning his Ph. D and MD at the University of Virginia, Dr. Holterman had attended Yale University where he majored in biology. His career has been a successful one as he has had a lot of accomplishments including qualifying to earn a fellowship in pediatric surgery. This fellowship was at the University of Virginia. Being the CEO of Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark is passionate about improving and developing new medical technologies to help in treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases (ReporterExpert).


Such technologies include cancer treatment, stem cell regeneration therapy, and obesity management. In addition to these key achievements, he has also developed and authored presentations, peer-reviewed papers and medical texts concerning areas such as bariatric surgery which is a known treatment for gross obesity. This surgery, bariatric procedure, entails removal of a small part of a patient’s stomach hence limiting how the person can eat comfortably. On the other hand, cases of severe obesity require Gastrectomies- the removal of a larger part of the stomach. Research conducted by Dr. Mark about stem cell therapies is making significant strides. Regarding clinical trials, there have been breakthroughs such as using a patient’s bone marrow cells to create a synthetic trachea that can replace a trachea that is damaged and not functional. In summary, Dr. Mark has made a lot of contribution to medicine at large.


More than Just Energy Supply with Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a service company that provides energy supply such as electricity and gas, wireless home services that fit with someone’s lifestyle. Its other services include mobile and protective services. It was created in 2004 in Texas as a company that deals with electricity and energy supply for homes in Texas. However, it officially started operating and offering its services in 2005. The founders are Rob Snyder and Pierre Kojashki. The current CEO is Larry Mondry. The headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Over the years the company has grown and offers its services to other places too such as Illinois, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C among other states. Apart from the energy supply, all other services are available throughout the nation.



The company has earned the country a lot of revenue by making over 8 billion dollars’ worth of tax in 12 years. With more than 500 workers, Stream Energy has offered employment to many people. Its associates get a commission when they sell to customers or recruit other associates. It has become one of the top global energy companies. Stream Energy acquires customers through marketing. At first, it was merely by word of mouth, and now it has become the leading direct selling energy company.



Stream Energy company is also involved in other activities such as humanitarian work. For instance, during the hurricane disaster, the company offered $25000 to go to the affected persons. Moreover, the company eased the burden for the affected by allowing late payments from their customers affected by the hurricane ( It has further asked people, their employees, associates, and customers to donate to the America Red Cross even through them. The industry holds retreats for its women associates to empower them through their group known as Women of Power. The group mentors encourage and inspire the female associates. The meetings are at their headquarters in Dallas.



The company has received positive reviews and is highly ranked. For instance, it has been named as among the top 10 trusted electric providers in Texas following research by Marketing Strategies International (SaveOnEnergy). Stream Energy has proven to not only being more than just an energy supply company



Iconic Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

As the head of D’Or Institute for research, Moll has had many successes in his career and the education sector. He understands the objective of schooling critically and thus has put into place the value of the few resources that are available to enable people to garner the most of the few resources. As a head in the healthcare sector, he notes that the few resources in the healthcare facilities lead to the compromised services offered in the facilities. He advocates for the coherence of both the government and the healthcare sector to enhance the delivery of the quality services to the patients.

As a motivational speaker, he notes that making the right decision is paramount in order to make the right solutions for the problems that are facing the society. He adds that the decision-making process should entail all the stakeholders in the sector of the healthcare including the patients and the private healthcare facility. According to Jorge Moll, the aim of the health sector should not be diverted from offering quality services equally to all the patients who seek the services. This would ensure an overall healthy society and similarly and overall great and productive economy.

As a doctor in the healthcare, he notes that great part of the resources of the domestic expenditure is used in the health sector. He notes that, as the ailments continue to increase due to new lifestyles and pathogens bringing new ailments, there should be a need for innovation in the health sector. Jorge Moll notes that adopting new technology would enhance efficiency in the health sector and ensure that the health of the community does not deteriorate and there is great human production.

Innovation cannot be ignored and to be a globally competitive nation; one has to buy or adopt innovative ways of conducting their services. As a person who has a passion for saving the lives of people, he advocates for transparency in all healthcare institutions to ensure that the ultimate goal of saving lives is upheld. Jorge continues to motivate ill people and the aged as they continue battling for their lives (ResearchGate).


Jeff Yastine Talks About The Investment Potential Of The Regtech Industry

     According to Jeff Yastine, whenever bureaucrats make their presence in an industry, chief compliance officers should be recruited immediately. In addition, they should be accompanied with an entire department of their lieutenants to ensure that every individual in the company complies with the new command. However, whether extra rules make things better or worse is a debatable issue. Often, more rules results in increased costs for a company. It also means a reduction in stock prices unless a business embraces regulatory technology.

Regtech is the use of tools such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology among other types of advanced technology with the aim of cutting down on regulatory costs. This strategy offers a huge investment opportunity. Recently, Bain & Co. identified 80 young firms that it referred to as “emerging regtechs.” The company’s products and services are slowly being employed in compliance-heavy sectors such as the insurance industry where they require tech-supplied boost to profits. A large number of the firms are still privately-held. Most of these services are in the startup stage with unknown names like OnRule, Taxometry, Flexeye and ComplyAdvantage.

However, a few publicly traded regtech firms are likely to expand considerably in the coming years. According to Let’s Talk Payments, a financial technology website, international banks are spending nearly $70 billion to ensure compliance with all the set of laws in the industry. This amount is likely to rise to around $120 billion in the next three years, as the institutions increase their spending on regtech products and services.

The forms that are used by many banks to make customers checkmark and sign to authenticate their identity when they open a new account relates to the federal anti-corruption and anti-money laundering rules. Fulfilling such rules and complying with current regulations via legacy systems can take nearly two years at a cost of over $10 million in leading banks. If handled via a regtech specialist, it may take three months at a cost of $300,000.

One thing that points to the investment potential in the industry is the regulators that are taking notice. Some entities have brought the young companies into their system. A number of premier institutions have planned to incorporate regtech firms into their bureaucratic orbit. These institutions include the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank of England.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine serves as the editor in chief of the Total Wealth Insider, a leading stop shop for achieving a richer and more prosperous life. In 2015 Jeff started working for Banyan Hill as the editorial director. Yastine has over two decades of experience as a financial journalist and stock market investor. The visionary leader has been at the heart of financial world events.

Protective living with Lifeline Screening

The status of our health is one thing that many of us take for granted. Up until you find us in situations where we are battling health issues that is whom we take the issue of our health seriously. However, this is a bad idea. It is always good to have the status of our health checked regularly to ensure that we are in a position to live happily without fear of being caught off guard by emergency health cases. Health status of an individual is very crucial. It is the health o a people that make them remain productive, it is clear that no one should risk their health by remaining ignorant of measures that should be taken to resolve issues that may be present.

In the United States, cardiovascular diseases are a leading killer. Many people are dying since they do not observe proper busy analysis of their medical status, many are the times when people will take their health status serious only after they have suffered a disease that is threatening their health. Cardiovascular diseases can be very bad for our health. We risk losing our lives when we do not take serious us the issues of healthy living. Many are the times when our health is not prioritized but end up costing a lot.

Cardiovascular diseases are mainly because of poor eating habits, people who suffer from obesity are at a higher risk of suffering from these diseases than anyone else. This is because obesity normally causes the body to have excess fats. Excess fats are not good for the body since it will lead to blockage of crucial veins and blood vessels in the body. The likely scenario is that the vessels will block and blood supply in the body will be interrupted. It is for this reason that people should strive to make regular visits to the doctors so that their bodies can be tested. It is not good to wait until one suffers from a particular disease so that they can finally make an attempt to address the health issues they may have. For more info about us: click here.

In the United States, there is a company known as Lifeline Screening. This is a company that is committed to helping people deal with issues of screening the body to look at issues that may be underlying. Although one may feel very strong now, diseases could be forming that will make their health deteriorate after some time.

The Rise of Human, Civil and Immigrant Rights Organization

Human, civil, and immigrant rise have been on a rise in America overtime. This has been brought about by many injustices that are presumed to exist in the current system and the systems that ended. These injustices are concerning human rights, civil rights and immigrant rights.

This was because of the felt unjust treatment of certain groups and the victimization of people based on their race, skin color and their ethnicity.

It was therefore necessary that some of these organizations were formed so as to create a platform for the fight of civil, human and immigrant rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

These organizations advocate for fair treatment of every American person regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or their social status in the society. Such a group is The Advocates for Human Rights in Arizona. These organizations have dedicated themselves to fighting for human rights and equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.

The organization has undergone through a series of battles with both governmental and non-governmental organization in its advocacy for equal rights for all citizens.

It is therefore clear that these organizations have gone a long way in the advocacy for equal rights for all citizens and also for creating a platform where minority rights are looked into and advocated for.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the civil, human and immigrant rights a supportive organization that has made news headlines in its advocacy for equal rights for all human regardless of their race, religion and their ethnicity.

The fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin the co-founders of Phoenix News Times and Village Voice Media.

The two are in the fore front in the advocacy for equal rights through the media. One of their articles in the year 2007 led to their arrest in October 2007.

They were arrested in their homes and these led to a series of legal battles which they eventually won in the ninth circuit. This led to their settlement that was $3.7 million.

The two set aside this amount to aid human rights advocacy groups and in efforts to support the advocacy for human rights. Many organizations have benefited from the fund and this has led to the growth and development of many human rights advocacy organizations. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

This is in terms of resources and funding from various interested parties both local and international.

It is therefore very evident that not only has the fund benefited the human rights organizations but it has also gone a long way in supporting and encouraging the advocacy for equal rights for all citizens.

How Clay Siegall Has Steered Seattle Genetics to Success

Clay Siegall is among the world’s most respected biotechnologists. He is the founder and also the leader of Seattle Genetics which is a company serving in the biotechnology industry. The popularity of Clay Siegall comes mostly from his involvement in the treatment of cancer. He has over the years managed to achieve a lot when it comes to the treatment of cancer. The Chief Executive Officer at Seattle Genetics has over the years managed to acquire a lot of expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry with this being one of the major reasons as to why his company has registered a lot of success and growth. Clay Siegall is described my many as a hard working, passionate and disciplined person who is also a team player at Seattle Genetics. His extensive education background is also among the reason why he has acquired a lot of success in his career.

Clay Siegall first launched Seattle Genetics in the year 1998 after he had spent quite some time serving in other leading biotechnology firms in the United States. Clay Siegall attended some of the most prestigious schools in the US such as the George Washington University where he acquired his PhD in Genetics. It is at this particular university where he was able to sharpen his scientific skills. While at school, Clay was always a sharp student who was very much disciplined and committed to his studies. Majority of Clay Siegall’s time is spend in research about the cancer disease and has managed to come up with a number of therapies dedicated to the treatment of cancer.

The established scientist is a member of a number board of directors. Just recently, Clay Siegall became appointed to work as an outside director at the Mirna Therapeutics. His responsibilities at this position are to improve the options of cancer treatment as well as work towards inventing other therapies in treating the deadly condition. The main mission of Clay Siegall in life is to assist people suffering from cancer get the most effective cancer treatment that still has fewer side effects that mostly come with chemotherapy. It is through this desire that Seattle Genetics has gone on to become the leading company in the industry of pharmaceutical.