Todd Lubar Lauds the Real Estate Development in Baltimore

Baltimore City have recently been on the news for the right seasons unlike in the past. According to real estate investor Todd Lubar, the growth that is being witnessed in the city in terms of infrastructural development, more so the in the real estate sector, have been commendable. The city have seen major development targeting construction of housing units such as apartments and condominiums. According to Todd Lubar, these new developments have been precipitated by the huge number of young people who are moving into the area. Demographic statistics show that young people, especially the young professionals have been moving into the region due to the affordable cost of living as well as affordable housing units.

The transport system in the city of Baltimore has also been on impressive growth. The public Transportation sector have been impressive in recent times. The city is now connected to other major cities such as New York as well the metropolitan suburbs. It is now possible for people who live outside the city to access the city on daily basis for job or business purposes. The fact that people can now access the city without having to use private means, creates a situation where people are able to save more since they do not have to pay for parking charges.

The business sector has also flourished in the recent times. With the growing population there are more and more opportunities that are now available to the people who would like to invest in business. The environment for conducting business operations are now better. Companies are now approaching the area with certainty that their businesses stands a chance to make profits and grow. The number of startup companies have also been on the rise. The young professional in the city are also creating human resource that is required by the companies that are setting up bas e in the city. Visit Inspirery to know more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is possibly one of the most knowledgeable investors in the real estate sector in Maryland. He has been in the industry for many years and therefore possess substantial knowledge on the direction the real estate sector is taking.

Currently, Todd Lubar is in charge of a firm known as TDL Ventures. He is the president of the firm.

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Jason Hope Explores The Internet of Things (IoT)

While there are many entrepreneurs in tech, Jason Hope has carved a niche for himself as a forward-thinking business-minded individual with a passion for giving back to the society. Jason understands the technology world and his insight has enabled him to predict the direction that innovations in tech are likely to take. Presently, Jason hopes that the Internet of Things (sometimes shortened to IoT) is the future of tech.

What is IoT? Jason explains that IoT refers to an array of devices that can connect different people from across the world to one another via the internet. According to Jason, smartphones, computers, and other similar smart devices are just but a small portion of IoT. IoT includes smart homes smart electronics and any other smart appliances that can access the internet and, by extension connect people from different parts of the globe. Therefore, Jason encourages entrepreneurs in tech to take any business opportunity presented by the IoT.

While Jason advises young entrepreneurs to take up business opportunities, he understands how challenging it is to raise capital for a venture. He has established a grant program that facilitates entrepreneurs with the most innovative ideas to develop their ideas into businesses. He receives thousands of ideas through his official websites where he peruses through them to identify viable business ideas. Jason is a staunch believer in young minds; he is of the idea that the future of tech is dependent on great ideas that young aspiring entrepreneurs come up with.

As an entrepreneur, Jason has acquired critical lessons that he often shares with up-coming entrepreneurs. He believes that business ideas should be uncomplicated as complicated ideas waste time and increase the chances of failure. Also, he encourages them to stay focused on their goals as shifting goals may lead to little attention given to the primary goals. According to Jason, failing in business is a common occurrence, but entrepreneurs should stop dwelling on their past failures.

Jason believes that many opportunities exist in internet marketing, SEO, and other related services. He is of the view that entrepreneurs that invest in the mentioned areas are in to make a killing. According to Jason, setting up a business that deals in the said services is relatively easy as it requires two things: a website and marketing.

Jason donates to progressive courses. For example, he donated $500,000 to the Sense Foundation. The foundation covers research aimed at reversing aging.

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Rick Smith Leads Securus Technologies into making significant Impact in Correctional Sector

Rick Smith is the boss of a technological giant dubbed Securus Technologies. He took over an active role at the company in 2008 after Richard Falcone retired. Rick Smith has an excellent set of skills, impressive track record, and unique background that has enabled him to lead Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith’s career and professional expertise

Rick Smith studied Electrical Engineering. He also studied master’s degree in business administration and mathematics. Rick Smith has worked for multiple tech companies, including Frontier Corporation. During his tenure at this firm, he was in charge of handling financial, business development, and information technology issues. Rick Smith has also worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc., as the company’s chief executive officer. He worked for Eschelon Telecom, Inc., for almost a decade and helped grow the company’s revenue to $350 million.

Securus Technologies hires John Bell

In 2016, Securus Technologies added a senior sales executive to its pool of employees. This addition was directed towards expanding the company’s portfolio through increased production. John Bell was appointed to serve as the senior vice president of sales. According to Securus Technologies’ boss, the company has spent more than $600 million to develop new products that enhance security, efficiency, and safety.

John Bell is a graduate of Wharton School of Business, the Kellogg School of Management, and Holy Cross. He has been in business for more than three decades and spent a significant part of his career at IBM. John Bell also worked for Verizon, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and NTT Verio. This professional would be expected to supervise a team of 100 salespeople. Among the officers that would be reporting to John Bell include Josh Conklin. This professional is also mandated to develop a sales associate training program, help improve the company’s superior product set and utilize the company’s technology center. Additionally, he would be expected to host face to face meetings with the corporation’s potential employees. Since his appointment, John Bell has continued to lead the Securus Technologies while increasing its sales exponentially.

About Securus Technologies

Rick Smith currently works for Securus Technologies, a Texas-based telecommunication company. Securus Technologies has more than 1,000 employees that provide services to over 2,600 prions. This company has operations in Texas, Allen, Georgia, Atlanta, and Carrollton. Securus Technologies offers services to more than 1,200,000 million inmates in different correctional facilities across the country. Securus Technologies provides a broad range of solutions such as public information, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, and investigation. Securus Technologies has many patented products such as the “Cell Defender.” This company has won many professional awards such as the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, the International Business, and the Executive of the Year Awards. Securus Technologies has successfully made a name for itself as the best service provider in the industry.

The Life Of Karl Heideck As A Litigation Attorney

Even though litigation attorneys represent criminal clients too, people usually refer to civil issues with regard to litigation attorneys. The attorneys like Karl Heideck prepare a case for trial. But a large number of cases get settled out of court. Hence there is no need for them to go to a trial. In this way, plaintiffs tend to accept a settlement.

Karl Heideck specifies that most of the civil litigation lawyers are working for law firms. These tend to employ a number of attorneys. There are other attorneys that work in boutique firms. Others have their private practice.

There are large law firms. They have separate litigation department. They would be sub-departments that will take care of business, real estate, or patents or such other types of law. A large number of civil litigation attorneys are working in the private sector. A few work for the government. The ones working in criminal law will be serving as prosecutors or as district attorneys. The ones working for civil litigators work either for municipalities or in the offices of U.S. attorneys.

Karl Heideck further stated that the large corporations have their own litigators. This would include large banks, financial institutions and insurance companies and so on.

When a civil litigation attorney is picking up a new case, there will be some investigative work initially. This would include collecting of documents like witness statements, medical records and such other evidence that is required to strengthen the case. The attorney and other legal staff have to work very hard in order to find all details. Once this is done, the civil litigators will contact the other party and their legal representatives and try to get a settlement done. If this happens, a considerable amount of money is saved by both the parties.

The next will be the discovery phase. Here the litigators from both the sides will be exchanging important information that relates to the case. This would include the exchange of documents. Any physical evidence will be viewed too. The additional filings will be done too. The attorneys will now prepare for trial. Next will be pretrial conferences, and depositions followed by proceedings.

In most cases, the pretrial stage is followed by a settlement. Typically businesses or individuals do not wish to spend on a trial.

The attorneys like Karl Heideckhave to work hard around the clock as they have to build the best defense. They also need to predict any arguments that may be coming in from the other side, so that they can form solid responses. This would require working with experts in various fields.

After all the trial dates are complete, the verdict is reached. This would be followed by an appeal process.

End Citizens United Moves To Endorse Doug Jones For Alabama Senate

The United States government has fundamentally been under attack for the better part of the past seven years. The reason is simple. Conservative think tanks like Citizens united have been determined to turn the American government into a quid pro quo system through legislative victories that pervert the foundation of American institutions. One particular event can be traced back to 2010 when the Supreme Court met with Citizens United in order to discuss how donations from corporations was tantamount to free speech. Citizens United argued that corporations were people and that their donations were just an extension of their own free speech. Since then dark money has spread throughout politics, perverting the will of the people. Now, groups like End Citizens United are working day and night to get things turned around.

What is the goal of End Citizens United? End Citizens United is a political action committee that is led by Tiffany Muller. Muller knows that when billionaire corporations can buy their own legislators it fundamentally defeats the purpose of voting. After all, how can the average every day American citizen compete with million dollar corporate ‘donations’. They can’t, and they should. End Citizens United’s primary goal is to put legislators into the highest ranking areas of government so that they can introduce a constitutional amendment to undo the damage done by the Citizens United ruling from 2010. While this goal seems simple enough on paper the truth is anything but. The American government is more divisive than ever thanks to political bloviators like Donald Trump and Paul Ryan trying to run the show without any bi-partisan efforts.

Still, End Citizens United has seen a massive influx in popularity since the election of Donald Trump. It has become increasingly clear that the majority of Americans want some way to fight back against his regressive cause and this has led them to donate to the End Citizens United fund. End Citizens United uses these funds in order to support progressive politicians who are willing to stand behind the goal of campaign finance reform. Finding politicians to champion this cause is exceedingly difficult on the right side of the aisle but it hasn’t slowed down the staunch progressive movement who has promised to help make a difference.

Most recently End Citizens United announced their support for Democrat Doug Jones who is running in the Alabama Special Election this coming December 12th. Doug Jones is a former United States attorney who has made it clear that he sees campaign finance reform as an integral part of his platform. Doug Jones is an underdog in the special election against Roy Moore despite Moore’s penchant for bigoted and racist statements throughout his long career.

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Dr. Imran Haque Specializes in a Wide Range of Diseases

Imran Haque is a specialized internal medicine specialist. He is known as a caring medical doctor and also highly respected. He holds a medical degree in from the Universidad Iberoamericana located in Santo Domingo. He also has a master’s degree in the field from the University of Virginia. He is fully trained and licensed. Haque practices his medical career in the North Carolina. The medical facility that he works in is Horizon Internal Medicine located in Asheboro. Haque has now been treating many diseases for fifteen years. From this, he has developed high expertise in the field and now deals with many diseases and carries out many medical examinations. Haque is dedicated to handling patients with care and the population around Asheboro who visit his office frequently and read full article.

Haque deals with services including carrying out physical examinations, venus body contouring, diabetes management, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal and weight management. His diverse experience in many fields has earned him trust, and many of his patients come to him for specific treatments. Some come to him as a primary care physician in which Dr. Imran Haque take them through diagnosis procedures and offer referrals if need be. In addition to these services, Dr. Haque carries out laboratory checkups and also performs an ultrasound.

In an interview, Dr. Haque said that he was first inspired to open the facility when he was working for a hospital owned internal medicine facility. He saw the need to provide services that are beyond what the facility offered. The satisfactory remarks from his patients motivate him as well. After this, he involved himself with carrying out thorough research on the same issue. Diligence and hard work were key for him to be able to put up and run a medical facility and

The trending factor that is incorporated in medicine, he says, is the integration of technology. Invaluable advancement in medicine has been experienced through technology. The medical data has been centralized. It is now easier to enter data, keep records and also to carry out a coordinated care in real time. Apparently, technology has enabled easy delivery of medical services to the patients while still streaming workflow and resume him.

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Avaaz, the Bridge to a Better Life

Avaaz is a Persian word which implies” voice.” Avaaz is an online political network that promotes global activism on; climate change, poverty, human rights, animal rights and corruption. The organization was co-founded by Res Publica and supported by Service Employee. Avaaz co-founders include Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Herman and Andrea Woodhouse. The organization was founded in 2007 in New York and more information click here.

The founding president Ricken Patel, studied political philosophy, economics at Oxford University and a master’s in public policy at Harvard University. Through the international crisis group where he worked around the globe, he learned how to bring rebel groups to the negotiations table, monitor elections, restore faith in corrupt systems and spot foreign government manipulation. He retreated to the United States where he learned online tools for activism.

Avaaz does not take donations from corporations instead it receives funding from the generosity of its members who managed to raise $20m. Avaaz carries its campaigns through a worldwide network whom they communicate using emails. They stage stunts such as sit-ins, phone-ins, and media-friendly stunts. Members suggest the strategies be carried out, the suggestions are supplemented by guidance from specialists, and tester emails are then distributed to the Avaaz members. Once receiving a sufficient response a campaign proceeds to be opened and follow their Twitter.

The organizations hope to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the word we expect to have .in other terms make the world a better place. Avaaz supports good campaigns, those that are deemed towards improving society such as calling the global action on climate change, the establishment of the no-fly zone in Libya which led to military intervention in the country. During the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, it set up servers to allow protestor s to upload videos. The organization also coordinated the evacuation of photographer Paul Conroy from Horms. This is a clear indication that the organization is doing well by putting the interests of the word above and pushing for a better future and learn more about Avaaz.

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US Money Reserve – The Austin, TX-based Gold Dealer to Help the Houston Community

According to the article in the Chronicle of Week, recently the U.S. Money Reserve announced that its partnership with ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network), a nonprofit organization that works to provide crisis relief to help Hurricane Harvey survivors to recover from the event that was devastating.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network services that the U.S. Money Reserve was proud to support and give immediate financial assistance, spiritual care, emotional, and emergency housing transportation.

U.S. Reserve is arranging a relief fund where 100 percent of donations will go toward ADRN and meet the survivors’ immediate emergency needs.

To encourage donations and raise funds that are available for the emergency relief, the U.S. Money Reserve is going to match YouCaring donations that are made to ADRN’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund a maximum of 100,000 dollars. Donation matching ran the whole of Sep.

For U.S. Money Reserve, the Hurricane Harvey hit close to home. The destructive storm that cleared through the entire TX Gulf Coast Region affected several employees of Money Reserve plus many customers.

Founded in Austin, TX, the company still has its headquarters based in the city. In addition to their main office, the U.S. Money Reserve has offices in Lumberton and Beaumont. The partnership with ADRN had enabled the U.S. Money Reserve to support the community of Houston that welcomed the firm when it was still young.

TX is now ready for moving forward and working towards reconstructing the local communities that are around the state. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, said that the recovering project from the hurricane aftermath would be costly and time-consuming. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

The damage that Hurricane Harvey caused have been calculated to amount to almost $180 billion. Federal aid is covering most of those costs, but there’s still more help needed. Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations, including ADRN, have contributed to help in funding the relief programs in TX.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Founded in the year 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has grown and became among the world’s biggest private distributors for the United States as well as foreign government-issued platinum, silver, and gold legal-tenders’ products.

U.S. Reserve was established with a mission of guiding clients about purchasing precious physical metals. For over 15 years, the company has managed to earn the trust of a total of 400,000 satisfied customers.

Clients have profited from the unique expertise of the company staff in numismatics, coin research, as well as finding the best products that are on the market.

Why The Dog Food Brand Beneful Was Named That

Beneful is a very popular brand of dog food that was first released to consumers in 2001. By 2012 it had established itself as the fourth most popular such brand in the United States. Beneful definition sells over $1.5 billion in dog food every year, including both dry and wet food products as well as treats. The company behind Beneful is Nestles Purina Petcare.

As for the word Beneful dog food itself, it was chosen as the name of the brand because it means “full of goodness”. This name was chosen because Beneful has a number of ingredients that are very healthy for dogs and includes natural ingredients such as wholesome chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes, salmon, and others. It offers a complete nutrition to dogs with tastes that are very appealing to canines.

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Sujit Choudhry Role in Constitutional Reforms Across the Globe.

Sujit Choudhry is a practicing professor at the University of California. As a lecturer, he has engaged in various research. Sujit Choudhry organizations in handling various constitutional timelines.

Currently, Sujit Choudhry is also acting as Director for Center for Constitution Reforms. The team mobilizes and assembles knowledge that will help in the building of constitutional reforms. The group achieves this objective by gathering some legal experts to take part in thematic research projects that aim at providing substantive evidential laws to various lawyers, judges, and magistrates. To date, the firm has contracted over sixty experts drawn from different nations across the world. The Center for Constitutional Reforms partners with other players in the economy. These include; governmental bodies, multinational firms, prominent individuals in the profession as well as other nongovernmental institutions. Sujit Choudhry has addressed some conferences on related constitutional matters. To read his blogs and know his timeline activities, visit him on

In one of these lectures, Professor Sujit Choudhry focused on the quasi-presidential system that the Ukraine government had adopted. In the address, he stated the possible challenges with the system and the best remedies to cure the situation.

Sujit Choudhry is currently working on three global research projects. The topics of research focus more on the effects of terrorism threats, the consequences of democratic transition across the world. The research also focuses on the first fundamental human rights and how to uphold them from a partisan and authoritarian rule. The main aim of the research is to produce policies that will govern in the formulation and interpretation of existing laws. Professor Sujit Choudhry has been with the World Bank Institute at the United Nations at the Development program. Helpful details on

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Among the main issues, Professor Sujit Choudhry seeks to address include constitutional design and how the government can use of to transition from more violent to peaceful and fair elections leading to effective translation of power.  Related article on  He sees peaceful transition of authority as a basis for upholding fundamental human rights. Prof. Choudhry feels that various government agencies can use the constitution design to get remedies for their respective ethnic divided nations. As a professor, Choudhry has made over 90 publications.  Check for additional reference.