End Citizens United: Who Are We?

Back in 2010, the Supreme Court changed the way elections happen. Citizens United v. F.E.C. made corporations the equals to a person. That swung open the door for special interest groups and billionaires to create a trail of money that could not be traced in elections. Around the 15th of March in 2015 End Citizens United was created as an Action Committee to stop all of that. It’s a grassroots program that works with donors to raise awareness and put an end to that abomination of corruption.

Voter and candidates can fight against all of that by not letting the politicians buy their votes. Working together, we can pressure lawmakers into taking action against the corruption. The mission is to stop Big Money from rigging elections in their favor to hide their wealth. We need to pass measures to make the nation aware of what is happening. That’s what we work on at that grassroots level.

When nobody works on these issues, the bad guys win. When our organization works on the issues, like this one, stuff gets done. It’s that idea that has made our nation great over the years. The ability tofight for things that are good for everyone, against those who try to take those rights away, is always a good thing. We will always be at the helm of that progress. It takes hard work though. It also takes a lot of money to accomplish all of those goals. That work that we do is based on some basic core beliefs. Those beliefs are essential for the process to be successful. It takes the change that starts with a process that always maintains a high standard of action. Everyone knows that action is required for the change to happen. We believe that too.

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Some of the measures that we use to accomplish this goal are very straightforward.

– We must elect candidates that are in favor of reform.
– We must make the nation aware of this issue.
– We must pass laws to accomplish this.
– Membership is the means to the end of fundraising for this issue.

During the 2016 elections, we raised $532,500 for democratic candidates that were running for the House of Representatives. That money was used to help make the nation aware of the reforms that need to happen in our country today.

This type of fund raising has been going on for years now. When it comes to grassroots fundraising, our organization is the best. We account for every cent that we use to help our nation become aware of the corruption that is happening today in Washington. Every cent is used to help influence lawmakers to stop this atrocity as well.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpLmnN_7TxPdpGODs-JXxg

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