Dr. Clay Siegall: The Cancer Expert

Dr. Clay Siegall is a graduate of The University of Maryland in B.S in Zoology. He is also a holder of a Ph.D. from George Washington University. He founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, a firm which specializes in the development of targeted therapy drugs for chronic diseases.

Under his Leadership, Seattle Genetics has played a big part in the therapy industry. It developed the first FDA certified antibody conjugate. The company has developed up to 20 drugs and has made a strategic partnership with other world renowned drug manufacturers such as Pfizer, Genentec, Bayer among others.

Dr. Siegall is a believer of more tolerable treatment of cancer with effective targeted drugs. He believes that conventional cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy should be faced out completely.

His Inspiration

Dr. Siegall’s interests have always been in medicine, technology and drive to overcome diseases and restore hope for the suffering. He was interested in cancer treatment when he was studying zoology. He was more motivated when a family member suffering from cancer suffered severe anemia due to chemotherapy. Money was also part of the motivation.

How He Makes Money

Through Seattle Genetics he makes money by selling proprietary drugs. Such drugs include the FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. The company also earns a lot of revenues from their production partnerships. Another source is loyalties from technologies and processes they have developed.

How He Handles Financial Threats

He handles financial difficulties by encouraging his team to come together and work hard. They put many strategies in place to alleviate the threat of failure. This is especially the case between 1999 and 2000 whereby the company’s operating capital was almost depleted.

How He Got His First Customer

The company has a good team of sales people. This coupled with the unique products they produce, was able to give a competitive advantage culminating into customers. He believes that good products go a long way to sell themselves.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Professional Life

Between 1991 and 1997 Dr. Siegell was a member of Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Cancer Institute between 1988 and 1991. He is part of the Board of Directors of Alder Bio Pharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable.

Dr. Siegell is a recipient of several awards. In 2012 he received Ernest and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Also in 2013, he received the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year in the category of Computer, Math and Natural Sciences.

Eva Moskowitz: Chief Executive Officer and founder of Success Academy Schools

Eva is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Success Academy. Born in the year 1964, she continues to thrive in the Education field in the USA. She founded the first Academy school in the year 2006 and it has given birth to 41 great schools. The initiative has also created employment for many teachers. Success Academy is based in New York City and is recognized for instilling quality education to students and creating great minds. The students are examined through a standardized exam in math and English, unlike other schools in the state.


Eva Moskowitz chose to leave politics and instead stand with the plight of young children. This was back in the year 2003 when she spoke her mind concerning schools being stifled by unions. Her success path in education commenced in the year 2006 when she founded the charter initiative. Interesting to note, ten years down the line, the charter has spread its wings and grown to a network of about 41 schools.


In May 2016, Reason Foundation awarded Eva Moskowitz the great Savas Award for her outstanding Private Public Partnerships. Reason Foundation is behind Reason TV and Reason magazine. In an interview held with Reason TV, Eva Moskowitz says that Success Charter’s mission is providing students with a platform where they are exposed to proper education. She continues to say that the Charter Schools provide young ones with an opportunity to make it in life by exposing them to the right environment.


Eva Moskowitz reveals that at the Charter Schools, children are not only exposed to math and English, but also arts, sports, science, and chess. It is a culture for the teachers at Success Academy to go through severe training to ensure that they are at their best. At the same time, they are attentive to their students and ensure that they work closely with the parents.


Eva Moskowitz says that Success Academy continues to receive more student applications than they can handle, a move that is prompting them to open more schools. Eva continues to reveal that being a mother has played a huge role in influencing her. She says that during the early days, it was no walk in the park, but, being determined and planning ahead made all the difference.


How Bruce Bent II Changed Finances

A money market fund is an open-ended mutual fund that uses both US Treasury Bills and commercial papers as avenues for investments for people’s money. These are considered to be safe ways to invest one’s money with a moderate return on the investment. These were regulated in the Investment Act Act of 1940. These investments are the way that the government provides liquid cash to financial intermediaries. These investments seek to limit the investor’s losses due to credit, market, and liquidity risks that exist in some other investments that people can make. Money markets are great for investors who are looking to have a medium-term commitment to their investment and want a moderate return on their money.

Bruce Bent II is an American businessman who is quite knowledgeable in money market funds. These money market funds were recognized by the American Museum of Financial History for the impacts he has had on financial history. To date, about $3 trillion in US bonds have been sold thus far over the last 40+ years.

Bruce Bent II is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation which is one of the leading financial companies around today. The Double Rock Corporation seeks to provide the most innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to the broker-dealer, banker, qualified plan, and markets. Mr. Bent II has gotten several patents put into his name as well. Mr. Bent II has helped pioneer the cash movement and also innovate the way people save money for retirement. He has come up with products that have changed the financial industry through his innovative, revolutionary thinking as well.

Mr. Bent II also spends time giving back to help the next generation as well. Mr. Bent works with the Young Presidents’ Organization which helps about 10,000 young entrepreneurs have a proper mentorship program to help them develop into candidates who can lead businesses worldwide. Bent also served as the former Chairman of the chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization’s Gotham chapter where he lives in Manhattan.

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