Diversification at DIVERSANT

The World has been reduced in a small global village through the massive changes in the Internet, information technologies. Firms and institutions are striving to develop and acquire the latest internet in the market. This is to enable these companies to connect with the consumers and to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Hence, every firm organization with a vision to do better needs an Information Technology service provider business to develop appealing information systems.

The company, born of a merger of two well-established IT companies is among the fast growing private Information Technology companies in the country. The firm is guided by principles, core values, and values of diversification to offer the best services to the clients.

DIVERSANT understands the basics of success in the business world. It has put in place excellent customer services and highly qualified IT personnel with creative and innovative mindsets. Daily challenges from the customers keep the company moving. Objected to provide the most satisfying IT services to and exceed the clients’ demands. DIVERSANT has installed mega faith in their clients for its quality and transformative innovations in IT sector than any other organization.

John Goullet is the Principal of this largest African-American IT staffing firm, the DIVERSANT LLC. John’s love and passion for solving IT problems and providing solutions clients can relate to having indeed manifested in his previous works. He started his career journey as an Information Technology and eventually venturing into IT staffing in a company he founded, Info Technologies.

The self-made IT pro and entrepreneur sees no obstacles to stop him continue doing what he loves and enjoy. John has a mindset of creativity, innovativeness, and diversification in every challenge and product that presents itself. John has pioneered the firm into the provision of Best-in-class goods and services they offer to the clients and community as a whole.

Engagement of stakeholders and the use of consultative approach method has profoundly contributed to a greater extent in solving important client’s problems. The company that believes in diversity in the provision of products and services is the one to place your bet. The company is not any other then DIVERSANT, to meet all your IT challenges.

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