Article Title: Here’s Why Steve Ritchie is Being Considered as Emotionally Intelligent

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Papa John’s new president and CEO, Steve Ritchie, has a mammoth task ahead of him as the famous pizza company’s new leader. But from what has been seen so far, he is more than equipped to handle the responsibilities on his own.

One of Ritchie’s first courses of action as president and CEO was to reach out to the company’s customers and remind them that Papa John’s stands on a strong foundation of values.

The newly appointed exec demonstrated immense emotional intelligence in the letter, which resonated with not only the customers who read it, but also with business and financial experts who had a chance to go through it.

What Was in the Letter Penned By Steve Ritchie?

In his letter, Steve Ritchie began by mentioning how Papa John’s is a company that is based upon strong values. He connected with the customers through this strong dedication towards something of substance, and then moved forward with outlining steps that will respect and preserve these values in the future.

Since Ritchie has been associated with Papa John’s since 1996, he has been able to see the ins and outs of perhaps every process at the company. He now wants his senior management to obtain the same level of familiarity, which is why he would be sending them through multiple locations of Papa John’s to hear the employees’ concerns who work at the ground level at the company.

From there, Steve Ritchie outlined the plans to bring in outside experts in order to help resolve the issues found within Papa John’s. This went a step further in displaying the kind of initiatives that Ritchie is willing to take just to keep the company strong.

Ritchie also mentioned how he plans to maintain the utmost transparency to Papa John’s customers, so that they know how the company is doing in terms of upholding its values and could hold it accountable if necessary. By offering this sheer bond of trust, Ritchie once again showed how his leadership would be able to connect to Papa John’s customers like never before.

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Article Title: Agera Energy Seeks To Empower Energy Consumers

Agera Energy is a leading utilities company which got into a contract with the City of Cambridge to provide energy supply to the city businesses and residents. Company Founded in 2014, the company got into the major contract barely three years after inception. It specializes in the supply of electricity and natural gas services in deregulated states. It is committed to change the conversation about the top energy supply.

Agera Energy entered into the crowded marketplace at a time when energy consumers were being exploited with huge energy costs. Energy is an essential commodity to everyone including homeowners and businesses. Therefore, it has been serving its clients in a unique way. It guides, educates and empowers customers to make good energy decisions that can strike off some dollars from their monthly electricity bill. Additionally, it is concerned about the environment and it is pushing forward the idea of green energy. With the green energy initiative, it has solar projects that it aims to get the conversation going.

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David McDonald Contributions to the Chinese Food Market through OSI Group

One of the companies that have revolutionized the Chinese food market is — OSI Group. According to different magazines in China, the company has redefined some factors in the food industry such as — supplying quality products and providing excellent customer relations. Although the company deals with food entities, OSI influences the quality of food products in major food joints. According to David McDonald, the three decades the company has been in the Chinese market has been a test of their systems. Being in the Chinese market has given the company a chance to continue with its culture of only selling quality goods. David points out that the greatest test for the company was the Olympics — which created a huge demand for food.

David McDonald OSI Group believes that one of the greatest secrets to sustaining a company in China is through understanding the Chinese culture. Although OSI targets foreign citizens in China, embracing diversity in their food supplies is a critical part of sustaining the company in this market. Over the years, David has assisted OSI to add some few Chinese foods in their food assortments. Through these structural adjustments, OSI Group has increased their annual sales and more importantly, they have created a good rapport with the Chinese customers. Incorporating native foods with other typical foods requires a lot of research.

In order to achieve better sales in a competitive market, David confesses that the company has mastered the art of working with different companies. As one of the most trusted suppliers in the food market, the company has one of the best working relationships with various industry players — such as McDonald’s, Burger King Subway and Starbucks. In order to sustain these relationships, the company ensures that all the food products supplied in these entities are of high quality and the supplies are timely.

Finally, David points out that the company understands the importance of contributing to different programs in Chinese society. Some of the projects that OSI is passionate about include — sustainability projects. David points out that the company invests a certain percentage of the overall company’s profits to the Chinese communities as a way to CSR and because the company believes in sustainability projects. To know more about him click here.

Jeremy Goldstein: The Man Behind One Of New York City’s Leading Law Firms

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who has gained prominence for the work that he has done in the field, as well as when it comes to helping the clients who come to him. He has an extensive pool of knowledge when it comes to the legal sector, which is also what has helped him reach the notable position that he currently holds within this industry. With the work that he has been able to do, there is no doubt that he is someone who clients can rely on in their time of legal necessity.



Currently, Goldstein stands as the name partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a company that stands as one of the more notable names within this industry. Through the company, Goldstein has been able to lead an impressive team that offers a range of solutions to a number of big corporates across the world. He has served in positions wherein he has offered advice to business leaders across the world and CEOs and upper management of various well-known names.



Mergers and Acquisitions is something that Goldstein is fairly familiar with and was the sector of law that he decided to specialize in. He is also a notable member of the American Bar Association and is someone who has contributed immensely to the development that the Association has seen.



Corporate life is something that Goldstein is fairly familiar with, especially because of the vast and expansive career that he has had here. He has also had an impressive educational background that has enabled him to reach the prominent position that he currently holds. He attained his degree in law from New York University and has also attained degrees from Cornell and the University of Chicago.



The idea to start up Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates came to Goldstein after his active involvement within the corporate sector. After spending a considerable amount of time within this field, he realized that many corporates faced problems when it comes to any kind of executive compensation. This meant that a company that offered this kind of service would easily be able to grow and become one of the more notable names within the legal industry. Goldstein knew that his company could become one of those names, which is also why he decided to start up a company of his own.



Ever since then, the company has managed to acquire several well-known companies and has partaken in a number of successful legal tasks for the clients who come to them.


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Article Title: How Sujit Choudhry Implements His Passion for the Constitution

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Sujit Choudhry is among the most respected people in the world of constitutional politics and law. He has represented the Center for Constitutional Transitions in the global limelight tremendously. Sujit’s presence in more than 30 countries globally is worth mentioning. Through the organization, Choudhry has shared the remarkable views concerning the knowledge and procedures of constructing the constitution. Among the countries that benefited from his incredible advice include Nepal, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and, Ukraine among others.

During his tenure as a prominent constitutional expert, Sujit Choudhry has come face to face with issues addressing ceasefires and political violence. Additionally, he has participated in numerous public discussions to share his unmatched knowledge regarding the constitution. His unique expertise in the constitutional building by applying unique engagement strategies and drafting professional reports are out of this world. Besides, his knowledge in adapting with different government structures and cultures makes his works easier.

Besides participating physically in constitutional making processes, Sujit Choudhry shares his views through writing. The opinion pieces from his portfolio cover educative matters concerning the legal making processes. Sujit applied his writing prowess during the Catalan Secession. He played a vital role in trying to bring the Catalan and Spanish governments together.

He involved his learned friends in writing an open letter to them covering the importance of a referendum to solve the matter. The Spanish Prime minister, Rajoy, did everything possible to make the voting process impossible prompting Sujit to write to him again. They advised him to stop arresting and prosecuting the Catalans as well as follow the constitution to the letter and letting them express their wishes.

Sujit Choudhry also played a critical role in 2003 during the ethnic clashes that engulfed Sri Lanka. Sujit brought together law experts, and they went to the militant groups in the country’s villages. The security personnel barricading the roads would not stop him and the team from executing their mission of stopping the fights. They did the same in Nepal in 2007 and 2010 by facilitating constitutional negotiations.

The prominent lawyer born in Delhi, India is an Oxford University product having finished his law classes in 1994. He sharpened his law skills in Toronto and Harvard Universities between 1996 and 1998. Sujit has over 100 articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports in his portfolio. His involvement in constitutional matters continues.

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Article Title: E-Commerce Giant Jingdong Is Still Keen On Brick-And-Mortar Operations

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If you think brick-and-mortar stores are on the verge of extinction, think again. Most people today believe it is only a matter of time before everyone will be buying all their consumer goods online from giant e-commerce sites, such a China’s largest, JD.Com, also known as Jingdong.

But you may be surprised to know that it is top officials at Jingdong itself who are saying: “Not so fast.” JD.Com may be a gigantic e-tail company, but it is not interested in seeing the brick-and-mortar operation go the way of the dinosaur. They also know that e-commerce is still light years away from pushing out traditional stores.

Consider that e-commerce constitutes just 8.5% of retail sales in the Unite States and 15% in China. JD.Com logistics and strategy planners are keenly aware that the owners and manager of physical locations are an invaluable resource. Store owners observe what is happening in their shops every day. That means they have key insights on customer behavior and traffic flow.

Because of this, Jingdong is eager to establish relationships with store owners on city streets across China. In fact, it is making its technology available to brick-and-mortar operations. It’s all about developing “smart consumption” that engenders customer loyalty and retention. It blends the idea that some things can be bought online and some at a physical location. It can be a win-win situation for both platforms.

Then there is the idea of Virtual Reality. In a traditional clothing store, for example, customers can take an article of clothing into a fitting room and try it on. Jingdon is working on ways in which customers can virtually do the same thing in an online environment.

JD.Com is also helping traditional retailer with the concept of “smart supply.” This is leveraged by big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The goal is to provide retailers with information about what they want to buy, why, how often and more.

Jingdong may be China’s largest e-commerce site with 300 million active users, but they have no intention of abandoning the old fashioned way of buying things.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About How Jingdong Would Become The Best E-commerce Company In The World

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Richard Liu Qiangdong has achieved phenomenal success in the e-commerce sector, and while there are many factors that contributed to his success, his patience, perseverance and hard work contributed the most. As an enterprising young man, Richard Liu has always been on the lookout for opportunities to grow as a person and achieve success. It is this opportunity he found for himself when he started a store in Beijing at China’s Technology Hub. He realized that the demand for the magneto-optical products was high and thus, started selling the same at his store. In the next few years, the profits that he generated transformed into building many new stores that dotted across the country. By 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong was the owner of nearly a dozen stores across China that sold not only magneto-optical products but a wide range of other products as well.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was left with no option at the end of 2004 when the SARS outbreak made his business suffer tremendously. Buried under losses and faced with not many ways out, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to take his business operations online. It is during this time he started 360Buy, which was later renamed JD. The online retail operations were a hit in the market because it touched chords with the customers’ demands and requirements. People who were looking for reliable and affordable products with fast delivery started to trust JD due to their in-house logistics network, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world. The continuous integration of the latest technology in business is what has helped JD remain a leader in its niche.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes in keeping up with the latest innovations that can improve the efficiency o their delivery system. It was among the first companies to test the drone delivery system and were successful in it. The company uses drone technology to deliver their goods to the countryside as it often takes a lot of time and money to reach those places. With drone technology, it becomes much easier for the company to deliver the goods and they have received massive applause from its customers for it.

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Article Title: OSI Food Solutions Facilities

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Osi Food Solutions has undergone tremendous growth recently to the level of being the largest supplier of value added food. As per now, the company has extended its services to more than 17 countries and 20000 job opportunities have been created to the citizens of those countries. With its increased number of facilities, it is ranked as the best in the US. Its strength is considered to be of great importance more so during calamities.

It just began as a tiny meat supplying entity in the town of Oak Park in Illinois. Despite of its humble background, the company’s manager did a lot of relocations with an aim of improving the market of meat products. As soon as he did the relocation to Chicago, the presence was felt by the market due to its supply of best quality meat to the market. Indeed that became the turnaround to the business through increase of returns from the growing market size.

The expansion went beyond the limits of the local market. It also began to form alliances to other companies to strengthen the penetration power in the market. An advancement was also done in terms of restaurants that Osi Food solutions added to its meat supply company with an aim of improving profitability of their products.

Osi food solutions also employed the use of technological machinery and automation as a way of reducing losses and increasing quality of products. This has been done through the use of preservatives like freezers and also processing and packaging machines.

In order to expand beyond territories they partnered with other food companies such as milk processing companies which enabled them to supply their products in form of ship foods within Philippines’ territory.

Through the same effort, their products were recognized globally due to their safety nature. This enabled them to compete out the other products. Their products have been modified to meet almost all tastes that are required by the market. This has been done by proper market research carried out to ensure all consumer needs are considered fully.

Osi Food Solutions Company always ensures it is ahead of the dynamic changes of tastes needed by consumers as a way of securing its growing market from competition.

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Gulf Coast Western

Founded in Dallas in 1970, Gulf Coast Western is a Dallas based oil and gas company. The focal point of the company’s business is development, exploration, and acquisition of oil and gas reserves. Most of the company’s oil and gas reserves are in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. The company is also active in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Colorado. The company has designated the activity from these ares to be developed under their Joint Venture Partners. There are also several drilling programs in these areas. The company plans to push expansion of this program. The Gulf Coast region provides a wealth of long-term oil and gas exploration for the company. While the nucleus of their explorations and lease acquisitions, the company is researching possible expansion opportunities in other areas of the United States.

As the company continues to maintain an expansion mindset, they are also researching key opportunities to expand. The expansion would provide exploration and development of other opportunities for oil and gas play throughout the United States. The areas selected by the company must meet stringent criteria based on their geological and geophysical attributes. This is critical to the geological and financial success of their Partners.

To partner with the company, individuals must qualify as accredited investors. This is because of the risk associated with the oil and gas industry. Some of those standards are: 1.) Individual net worth of $1 million 2.) Individual income in excess of $200,000 or joint income with spouse in excess of $300,00 in the last two years with the expectation that this will continue for the present year 3.) An entity in which all of the equity owners are accredited investors.

The company attributes its success to having open and transparent communication with their accredited investor partners. They have built these relationships to a level of reciprocated trust and respect by operating with honesty and integrity.

The True Gift of Business Through Betterworks Is A Business Owner’s Solution

Technology had led the way toward introducing HR software to businesses that have management teams. With that being said, Betterworks choose to encourage their customers and employees in the avenue of “forward-thinking.” Through the companies strategic planning, Betterworks conducted studies proving that effective management is a reflection of organization and performance. To find more clarity, Betterworks takes its valid research to form surveys. In turn, their clients start to witness their businesses evolve into a better corporation.

In detail, Betterworks teamed up with Market Cube to survey 800 employees working at an enterprise. As the surveys were evaluated, clients gained more knowledge about implementing practices to promote a larger corporation. Most goals were visible to consumers by 93%. However, the survey revealed that 85% of management responded to their employees or consumers without a delay. The company promotes the well-being of communication.

Betterworks devotes their strategies to communication much better across the board. The company opened its doors in 2013. And because of their hard work, Betterworks presents technology to provide the step-by-step protocol for their clients or consumers. The company is proud to have its headquarters in Redwood City, California. As of today, the company has made its way to international placement. Betterworks is proud to show their clients what determination can bring to a loyal business. They are noted to run businesses, such as BMW, Kroger, Evernote, and LegalZoom. Betterworks has the greatest perspective that any business should have. They have proven that through their seminars and reflective measures.

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